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Simple yet versatile, the Nokia N70 proves to be a wonderful smartphone that boasts reliable and robust performance. Read more about Nokia N70 Philippines below to find out.

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Nokia N70 Specs

Nokia N70 Specs

Release Date in Philippines
DateDec 2006
Display resolution176 x 208 pixels
Display number of colours262144 colours
Weight & dimensions
Weight126 g
Width53 mm
Depth21.8 mm
Height108.8 mm
2G standardsEDGE,GPRS
Operating system installedSymbian OS
Built-in flash
Front camera typeSingle camera
Zoom capability1:1600 x 1200, 2:640 x 480
Built-in camera
Battery technologyLithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Battery capacity970 mAh
Talk time (2G)3.5 h
Standby time (2G)264 h
Colour of productBlack
FM radio

Nokia N70 Philippines – Your Faithful Companion

Thanks to the legendary toughness that its products display, Nokia has been one of the few familiar faces when it comes to delivering solid and reliable performance. Similarly, the proud Nokia N70 boasts amazing features that make this Nokia smartphone to be relevant and versatile at the same time.

Simple & Robust Design

Despite looking fairly basic, the Nokia N70 is actually a simple smartphone that is truly designed for your comfort and enjoyment. While using only plastic in its construction, the Nokia N70 surprisingly looks more premium than it actually is. However, it is its simplicity that manages to win hearts and minds because it proves to be a highly appealing design. Moreover, this Nokia smartphone possesses excellent build quality which transforms it to be a durable device. In other words, the Nokia N70 can withstand heavier punishments that can ruin other phones easily. Not just that, the Nokia N70 is also designed with extra emphasis in ergonomics. In fact, it is designed to fit perfectly within your palm so that your grip will be both secured and comfortable at the same time.

Great Performance in All Fronts

Talking about its display screen, the Nokia N70 possesses excellent display quality as its resolution of 176 x 208 pixels has been recognized as impressive in its own class. Aside from displaying your content, the display screen also comes with 5-step contrast setup that enables you to adjust its brightness. Amazingly, you can view and enjoy its display quality from any angle. Regarding its keypad, the Nokia N70 possesses compact yet comfortable keypad that encourages smoother typing or tapping experience. The keys are highly responsive to your input that you can expect them to work immediately.

Being considered as the best of all in the whole of Nokia Series 60, the Nokia N70 boasts superior user interface that makes sure that you will be enjoying more fluid and seamless smartphone experience. This user interface enables you to have full access to key functions and content of your Nokia smartphone conveniently. Thanks to its active stand-by mode, you can enjoy a quick start to your favorite apps that you use frequently. Most importantly, there is a lot of software for both work and fun that you can find in this Nokia smartphone.

Reliable Camera That Never Let You Down

Housing the 2MP rear camera that comes with 20x zoom, it enables you to take sharp and brilliant photos without breaking a sweat. Moreover, you can even use it to shoot amazing videos as well. In conclusion, the Nokia N70 is a simple smartphone design that maximizes your user experience so that you enjoy the best of smartphone experience.

Nokia N70 Expert Reviews
Reviewed on 2010-07-13
The Nokia N-Series of smartphones represents a product family of smartphones that is geared towards multimedia features. Multimedia in this sense meaning anything to do with mobile gaming, Internet services, photography, video recording and playback, ...
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Reviewed on 2010-04-21
We expected big things from the Nokia N70, and it's good to say that the Nokia N70 wouldn't let us down. The first thing that is noticeable was its physical design. It was a bit on the clunky side compared to all the other smaller-sized phones out in ...
Reviewed on 2007-03-27
RM 1240 - 1270RM 990 - 1020 (AP)
Reviewed on 2007-02-06
The second installment of the Nokia Nseries to hit our shores, the N70, is probably the more sedate offering of the premium trio.That isn’t a criticism, but when you’re sandwiched between the photographic hot shot N90 and next year’s N91...
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Reviewed on 2007-01-29
All the nuances of the new Nokia N series at a more consumer grade level.
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Reviewed on 2007-01-09
Excellent build quality, FM radio, Expandable MMC card slot with 1GB MMC card included, Good voice quality, Solid features listDelay when saving images, cramped keypad, location of keys, uncomfortable to use The Final Word Minor improvements and good build quality, however the N70 Music Edition still has a cramped keypad. Notes # This product is no longer available directly fr......
Minor improvements and good build quality, however the N70 Music Edition still has a cramped keypad.
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Reviewed on 2007-01-01
Built-in digital camera with 2 megapixel image resolution, flash, white balance and other image controls. The camera can be used as a video recorder as well. A small camera on the front side of the phone can be used for live video calls. MP3 music play...
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Reviewed on 2006-10-29
As has been noted elsewhere, theres a real pattern in the evolution of Nokias standard candy bar smartphones. Starting with the 3650/7610 generation, with their ugly and non-standard keypads, there has been a gradual refinement of what you and I wa...
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Reviewed on 2006-10-20
Announced on April 27, 2005, the Nokia Nseries N70 phone just starts shipping worldwide. Nokia must have employed new designers for their smartphones because the Series 60 range of phones completely changed its look and feel. In contrast to older S60 ...
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Reviewed on 2006-10-15
A while back I reviewed the Nokia 6682. About the only thing wrong with it (besides the fact that I still have to wash dishes) is that its camera only has a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. Luckily the problem to this solution is simple; put a 2.0 mega...
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Reviewed on 2006-09-20
The Music Pack is a great add-on. Fine Sennheiser PX100s into the bargain. Second 0.3-megapixel camera, for peerless video-calling. Top silver face and build quality.Doesn’t supply dedicated play and skip track buttons. Nokia’s PC music software is not the the most intuitive. The handset ran out of juice after less than three days – lagging well behind the W800i.
The Music Pack is designed to boost Nokia’s existing phones. Not that the N70 needs a nandrolone injection – it somehow manages to refine the 6680, Stuff’s favourite smartie and 3G phone. Music and pics on your mobileThe successful tweak...
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Reviewed on 2006-06-27
Big colourful screen, plenty of featuresIts very large, sliding camera cover annoying, for the size we would expect a QWERTY keyboard
A full feature packed experience but with the size to match
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Reviewed on 2006-06-01
Meanwhile, back in the real world, Reg Hardware finds itself with an N70 3G phone - lets call a spade a spade and not a humous mobility implement - from those nice folk at T-Mobile. Its a 3G device, but unlike the N80 we reviewed tother week, its ...
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Reviewed on 2006-06-01
The N70 is one of many phones of the elite Nseries, a line of Nokia phones based on the S60 platform. The Nokia N70 has pretty much anything that a modern phone should possess: very good imaging capabilities (for a phone), 3G connectivity, smart phone...
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Reviewed on 2006-03-23
The Nokia N70 mobile phone is a great looking 3G smartphone from Nokia. Forming part of Nokias N-Series, the N70 comes with 2 megapixel camera, video, FM radio, MP3 player, 3D games, and glorious ergonomics. Read on for the full review, pictures and p...
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Reviewed on 2006-02-13
Performs well with 3G; back camera has a lens cover; brimming with built-in software; side-mounted flash memory card slotPointless 2x zoom on video-call camera; too little built-in memory; camera lens cover doesnt lock into place; music quality could be better
The N70 is a fairly pretty, slightly chunky handset, but nothing to write home about. Delve a little and youll find plenty to get excited about, though, from the solid 3G performance and good camera (with sliding lens cover) to the library of built-i...
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Reviewed on 2006-02-08
That screen, 2-megapixel camera, Slim dimensions, Improved memoryDisappointing battery life, Slow menus
Nokias 6680 was a neat phone, but the Finnish firms latest 3G smart phone improves on it in almost every way. For a start, its smaller. The 1.3-megapixel camera has been beefed up to a two-meg version and the difference is tangible, especially whe...
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Reviewed on 2006-02-04
A new model or just a bit of cosmetic surgery, we test the Nokia N70 the latest business class phone to hi the UK. With Tri Band, Bluetooth, a 2 mega pixel camera and MP3 player its sound like its got it all but has it?
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Reviewed on 2006-01-17
Excellent design; 2-megapixel camera; Symbian OS; lots of bundled appsTiny, cramped keys; bezel scratches easily; no infrared port.
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Reviewed on 2006-01-01
2.0 MegaPixel Camera, Excellent Build Quality, FM Radio, Expandable MMC Card Slot with 64MB MMC Card included, Good Voice Quality, Good Features ListSlow Interface, Delay when Saving Images, Cramped Keypad, Abstract Location of keys, Uncomfortable to use, Quite large in size, Slow Start-up Times The Final Word The N70 is a fairly capable 3G handset, but the slight improvement over its predecessor d......
The smallest handset in the new N range of 3G mobile phones from Nokia, the N70 improves slightly on its 6680 predecessor but users will still be frustrated by its cramped keypad and frustratingly slow user interface.
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