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From ₱ 2,041.00 Product Specifications: 1.Product size:27.5*8.9*0.68cm 7.Working current: 2.Weight:164g 8.Charging current: 3.Keyboard layout:80 keys. 9.Standby current: 4.Operation distance:8m 10.Sleep current:3uA 5.Battery capacity:90mAh 11.Sleep time:Ten minutes 6.Working voltage:3.2-4.2v 12.Awaken way:Any key to awaken. Bluetooth repairing connection steps: Step1:please open power switch on the side of keyboard,press the shortcut key FN+C to pair,then the blue indication light flash into be searched and paired state. Step2:Open the tablet PC setting "bluetooth"into searching and pairing state. Step3:You will find the "BT 3.0 Keyboard" and click to next step. Step4:According to the tablet PC tips to input the correct password then click the"Enter" button. Step5:There have a tip of for connecting successfully,you can use your keyboard comfortably. Note: 1.The tablet PC can not connect the BT keyboard? 1)At first check the BT keyboard is into match code state,then open the tablet PC Bluetooth searching. 2)Checking the BT keyboard Battery is enough,the battery low is also lead to can't connect ,you need to charge. 2.The keyboard indication light always flashing when use? 1)Keyboard indication always flashing when use,it means the battery will be no power,please charge the power as soon as quickly. 3.The tablet PC display BT keyboard is disconnected? 1)The BT keyboard will into dormant to save the battery after some time later no use;press any key ,then the keyboard will be awaken and working. Package Included: 1 x Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard 1 x USB charging cable 1 x User Manual
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