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Samsung E1272 prices in Philippines

Despite being a non-smartphone design, the Samsung E1272 proves to be a highly capable phone that you can use for general tasks and others. Read more about Samsung E1272 Philippines below to find out.

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Samsung E1272 Philippines – Simple Pleasure At All Times

Active in the business of designing amazing smartphones that inspire better life, Samsung continues to push the borders of innovation further. While the world moves forward in a faster pace like never before, Samsung is still keen in building non-smartphone designs. Among these designs is the impressive Samsung E1272 that proves to be fun and handy at the same time.

Simple & Stylish Design

Encased in a compact clamshell design, the Samsung E1272 proves to be simple yet stylish design. Despite looking fairly basic, it is absolutely incredible that this Samsung phone actually boasts such high level of craftsmanship. Its simplicity makes it even more appealing design that you will love to get.

Emphasizing Ergonomics

Aside from looking great, the Samsung E1272 is also designed with emphasis on ergonomics in mind. As such, you will find it amazing that it can fit well within your palm. Not just that, it is contoured with style and mobility. As it sports a simple and slim silhouette, the Samsung E1272 enables you to fit it inside your pocket or pouch effortlessly. Moreover, you do not have to worry about space at the same time. Not just that, its exterior offers comfortable yet secured grip so that you can enjoy using this Samsung phone.

Matching with Your Mood

The Samsung E1272 also comes with several color options that you can choose. These unique colors are Garnet Red, Noble Black and Ceramic White. Impressively, these are not just ordinary color schemes as they are aptly named since these colors are high quality coating that are gorgeous and durable at the same time. Not just that, you can select the one that can match with your own personality.

Seamless Performance with Samsung E1272 Philippines

Simple yet reliable, the Samsung E1272 possesses powerful chipset that enables you to do anything without breaking a sweat. In short, this Samsung phone gives you such fluid and seamless performance that makes it such a pleasure in using it. Wherever you go, you can listen to music or FM radio as the Samsung E1272 delivers superb audio quality.

Dual SIM for Double Pleasure

Boasting Dual SIM configurations, the Samsung E1272 will transform your life for better. Since you are able to use two different phone numbers in a single phone, you now have the opportunity of managing your life more efficiently. With such capability, you can separate personal and business contacts easily. At the same time, you also can call and send or receive messages on either phone numbers. In conclusion, the Samsung E1272 proves to be a highly capable phone that you use in transforming your life to be more fluid.

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