Samsung Evo 850 2.5-Inch 500GB Price List August, 2019 & Specs in Philippines

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Samsung Evo 850 2.5-Inch 500GB Specs

Release Date in Philippines
DateDec 2014
Ports & interfaces
USB connectorUSB
USB version3.0 (3.1 Gen 1)
Weight & dimensions
Width53.2 mm
Depth71 mm
Height9.2 mm
Weight26 g
Product colourBlack
Security algorithms256-bit AES
Solid state drive
SSD capacity500 GB

Reviews of Samsung Evo 850 2.5-Inch 500GB
Reviewed on 2015-07-28
Taking your files on the go basically boils down to 2 choices: affordable thumb-sized flash drives and the chunkier and more expensive external hard drives. However, the Samsung Portable SSD T1 is a unique mix of both. It's barely bigger than a thumb driv...
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Reviewed on 2015-07-27
Samsung is one of the biggest manufacturers of SSDs and NAND memory. Most recently, the company made headlines for being the first to release SSDs using new 3D V-NAND. We wrote about 3D V-NAND extensively in our review of Samsung SSD 850 Pro - the first S...
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Reviewed on 2015-07-24
Great read/write performance, Solid build construction, Shockproof, Compact size, Writeendurance warranty coverage
PHP – Approx.: Php9999 – 250GB, 500GB/1TB Price TBAWe've taken a look at plenty of SSDs here in the labs but we've yet to see a Samsung SSD make an appearance in our library so it's actually kind of amusing that our first Samsung SSD for review isn't the...
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Reviewed on 2015-10-17
With a suggested retail price of $500 the 1TB model of the Samsung T1 SSD is on the expensive side, but the size and speed of the portable storage device is mind-blowing.With a suggested retail price of $500 the 1TB model of the Samsung T1 SSD is on the e...
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Reviewed on 2015-09-29
Great performance, Small compact enclosure, Great value, Can be password protected at setup, Great performance, Small compact enclosure, Great value, Can be password protected at setup
Still more expensive than a hard drive based enclosure, Still more expensive than a hard drive based enclosure
Even though many of us are using more and more cloud storage for things like images and music there still is a need for local storage on our desktops and laptops. On a desktop it usually is quite easy to just pop in another SSD or regular hard drive but t...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-17
Build Quality (850 EVO mSATA), Top Of The Charts Performance, 9.2mm Thick, Also Available In 1TB, Hardware AES-256bit Encryption, 3 Years Warranty, Price (Compared To Other SSD USB Flash Drives),  ,
Price (For Some),
If there's one thing electronics manufacturers know very well that's the difference between market segments so although for enterprise users, professionals and in some cases even enthusiasts they offer products with performance and reliability as their pr...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-09
The T1 comes in 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB flavors, each the same size: as wide as a credit card, but slightly shorter and 9.2mm (0.36 inches) thick. Instead of a male USB plug, the T1 comes with a short cable for plugging into USB ports. It feels a bit odd to...
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Reviewed on 2015-04-13
The days when we could carry everything we wanted around on a couple of floppy disks are long past. Even having a CD wallet doesn't cut it. The world has gone digital. In part this means that the capability to produce HD video or take pictures with suffic...
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Reviewed on 2015-02-18
Blazing fast file transfers, Thin and light, Premium looking design, Capacious, Builtin 256bit AES encryption
Expensive (compared to USB thumb drives and external HDDs)
When they first came out, solid state drives were cost prohibitive for many people and they remained that way until NAND flash memory prices came crashing down like the careers of every actor on "The Celebrity Apprentice." Now not only are SSDs affordable...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-28
With an emphasis on performance and portability, the Samsung T1 puts SATA speeds in your pocket for a fair price at least with the 250GB model.
The 500GB/1TB models seem overpriced versus buying other solutions and the T1's plastic case feels flimsy, especially for the premium involved.
As important as cloud storage technology has become for businesses and individuals, it isn't necessarily the most ideal method to back up or access a large volume of data. Those keen on security for instance often prefer to store everything locally. Ther...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-27
The last few years have seen rapid advancements in flash technology and the rise of USB 3.0 as an ubiquitous high-speed interface on computers. These have led to the appearance of small and affordable direct attached storage units with very high performan...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-26
The Samsung Portable SSD T1 is tiny yet super-fast. The drive has up to 1TB of storage space, supports data encryption and works with both Mac and Windows
The drive is expensive and has only a three-year warranty
The Samsung Portable SSD T1 is a one-of-kind portable drive. It's a bit larger than a thumbdrive, as easy to use, yet has up to 1TB of storage space and, most importantly, delivers unmatched performance.What's more, unlike other compact storage devices, t...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-21
Launched at CES 2015, Samsung new T1 Portable SSD has been designed to create a “new category” of flash storage, somewhere between a USB key, with which it shares a very compact size and light weight, and a regular portable drive with which it can compete...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-21
When I received the Samsung Electronics Portable SSD T1 last week for review, I was enthusiastic about reviewing it. After all, a one ounce (actually just 26 grams), fast, external SSD with a 500 GB capacity looked to be a remarkable and useful product.Ho...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-20
Sexy and luxurious are two adjectives you don't often see when one is talking about portable storage drives. Samsung is no stranger to beautiful designs and the South Korean electronics giant has an actual global design team that is tasked with the job of...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-20
If I were to be completely honest though, I think Samsung stole my idea. Just about a year ago, I ripped open a MyDigitalSSD OTG External SSD, threw in Samsung's 1TB 840 EVO and it has been a tech favorite of mine ever since. In fact, I can speak of sever...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-20
The lads at Samsung figured, hmm ... why just out SSDs for laptops, server and PC solutions ? Our latest tech is affordable, very fast and over USB 3.0 an excellent alternative for storage on the go. As such we review the Samsung T1 Portable SSD, the new ...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-20
Samsung introduced a portable version of its 850 EVO SSD during the barrage of CES news earlier this month. The USB 3.0 drive crams up to a terabyte of storage into a tiny, featherweight shell small enough to fit inside the extra little pocket on a pair o...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-20
The fastest USB 3.0 device we have tested to date, Extremely good performance even with the Microsoft InBox driver (Windows 8.1), Small, light, durable housing, Small and thin USB 3.0 cable included, AES-256 encryption saw no impact on performance and was...
Sequential throughput may be limited by other bottlenecks in older systems, Getting full throughput may require using an Intel USB port and driver, Housing gets warm/hot during heavy continuous use, USB 3.0 may soon be dated in favor of USB 3.1c, The Sams...
Today Samsung has lifted the review embargo on their new Portable SSD T1. This represents Samsung's first portable SSD, and aims to serve as another way to make their super speedy VNAND available. We first saw the Samsung T1 at CES , and I've been evaluat...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-20
Super tiny and lightweight, super fast read and write speeds, comes with a short and thus very convenient USB 3.0 cable, shock resistant and pretty rugged, AES encryption, The
Requires a few steps for initial set up out of the box
Usually, when we talk about external storage, we're either looking at USB thumb drives with relatively small amounts of flash memory or external hard disks with higher capacities. External SSDs are still an uncommon sight, mainly because solid state stora...
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