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Samsung Gear S2 prices in Philippines

More than just a smartwatch, Samsung Gear S2 is crafted for those that want to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Read more about Samsung Gear S2 Philippinesbelow.

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8 Offers from 3 stores available from ₱ 12,059.22 - ₱ 28,881.00

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Samsung Gear S2 Price by Country

Indonesia IDR 3,395,000
Malaysia MYR 901
Philippines PHP 12,059
Singapore SGD 278
Thailand THB 7,488

Samsung Gear S2 Philippines– Your Dedicated Timekeeper

Exclusively design in accelerating your life while accommodating its increasingly bigger demands, Samsung Gear S2 is all about being your dedicated timekeeper that can enhance the quality of your life. Being sleek and stylish, Samsung Gear S2 will be your lovely companion that you want to own and you will not be disappointed after looking at its exciting features!

Redefining Smartwatch

Despite looking like a normal round watch design, Samsung Gear S2 looks very impressive with its sleek and smooth design. Not only that, what makes Samsung Gear S2 impressive than others is its rotating bezel that proves to be pretty useful when it comes to interaction. It is this rotating bezel that sets Samsung Gear S2 apart than other smartwatches in the market because it is about to rethink how you can interact with your smartwatch.

Such interaction is designed to be very intuitive-based as you only need to spin around in order to access to its functions. While this additional feature simply duplicates what you can do with the touchscreen, it actually adds another layer of both fun and flexibility in enjoying the seamless digital experience. As Samsung proudly boasts, every turn that you make is a turn for the better. Not just that, Samsung Gear S2 actually enjoys better battery life when you compare with other smartwatches.

Tons Of Customizable Options That You Can Personalize Your Gear

While the design of Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch has been praised as "sophisticatedly clean", you can actually enhance the design by changing your watch face to the one that fits your theme, personality and mood. Boasting the already impressive amount of 13 different watch face styles, you can even customize each of them into many different variants.

If you think that these watch faces are purely aesthetic only, you are wrong because they can run like actual applications themselves. Reflecting the fusion of fun and functionality, these watch faces are definitely purpose-driven as you can use them for specific tasks. For example, getting ESPN watch face means that you can also view scores of your favorite team. Aside from changing your watch face, you can also swap your band into another design that you desire.

Perfect Pairing With Your Smartphone

As the smartwatch is designed exclusively to enhance your smartphone by making it even easier in accessing its functions, people often assume that Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch is only suitable to be paired with Samsung smartphones. While this maybe true for its predecessors, Samsung has redesigned Samsung Gear S2 so that you can pair with other non-Samsung smartphones as well. Hence, Samsung Gear S2 is the smartwatch that truly offers exciting ways to connect and experience your smartphone to the fullest. Buy your favorite piece with best price at iprice Philippines!

Samsung Gear S2 Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2016-02-18
Smartwatch or wearable tech is now booming, but Google's smartwatch program came into a standstill due to it's limited capabilities. That's why manufacturers like Samsung swayed from that direction and focused on their own resources.That's where the Galax...
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Reviewed on 2015-11-26
There are plenty of round-faced smartwatches already on the market: Motorola Moto 360 , Huawei Watch, the LG G Watch R and so on. But what makes them different from square-faced watches? Nothing, the round-face is all for show. Sure, they look nicer, but...
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Reviewed on 2015-11-24
Samsung's original Gear S released last year was met with a thundering “meh” from consumers. It was an overly ambitious product, trying to be a jack-of-all-trades and predictably, ended up as a master of none. It's also not the prettiest wearable around...
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Reviewed on 2015-09-08
Remember when we were all waiting for Apple to unveil its vision for the smartwatch and it ended up looking like, well... all the other smartwatches that had come before it? I think Samsung just created the smartwatch we've been waiting for.Samsung's prev...
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Reviewed on 2015-08-14
Samsung launched their two giant smartphones today, and you know, this is what we are expecting. But at the end of the show, Samsung surprisingly teased the Gear S2 smartwatch, it is scheduled to be announced officially on September 3 at IFA in Berlin.No...
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Reviewed on 2017-05-10
Update: The Samsung Gear S2 is still a fine choice if you're an Android user, but we're looking toward the future. Rumor has it, the Samsung Gear S3 will be unveiled very soon. We have some high hopes for the next iteration of Samsung's excellent smartwat...
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Reviewed on 2017-05-09
Update: The Samsung Gear S2 is still a fine choice if you're an Android user, but we're looking toward the future – to the Samsung Gear S3, that is. We have some high hopes for the next iteration of Samsung's excellent smartwatch.If you're interested in...
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Reviewed on 2017-02-03
Great Design, Solid Build Materials, Excellent Display, Super-Good Battery Life, Tons of Sensors and FeaturesTizenOS is a little rough around the edges, No Google Apps
Granted, the flow of smartwatch releases has slowed in 2016/17 but that doesn't mean there aren't some excellent options about.The Samsung Gear S2 is one of Samsung's best smartwatches, and today we're going to be taking a detailed look at what makes it...
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Reviewed on 2016-12-12
The battle for wearable tech items is in full swing and of course, Samsung is a participant in this arena. In fact, Samsung has had several versions and several renditions of watches. The Samsung Gear S2 Watch is one of their best efforts.The Samsung Gear...
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Reviewed on 2016-11-07
Smart round design, Innovative rotating bezel, Tizen OS is polished, Works with many Android phonesSlow voice control, Too few high quality apps, Lacks customisation options
If you're interested in what's new, both the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier feature built-in GPS and increased battery life.We're currently getting cozy with the latest wearable from Samsung, but until then, the Gear S2 is the best...
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Reviewed on 2016-08-29
Smartwatches are a product group where manufacturers still seem to be hopeful in, if you look at the number of models that have been released. We decided to take a look at all the smartwatches we've tested recently to find out which one is the best. F...
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Reviewed on 2016-07-01
It’s all about the bezel. Forget the sleek design, the Tizen operating system and the comfortable fit; it’s the rotating bezel that really makes the Samsung Gear S2 immediately impressive."What rotating bezel?" you may say, expecting the kind of bling-wor...
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Reviewed on 2016-04-05
Just about every week we see some new manufacture announcing a smartwatch or three. Everyone from newcomers that are smartwatch-only to old school players in the traditional watch industry are weighing in with their own take on what a proper smartwatch co...
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Reviewed on 2016-03-19
SAMSUNG GEAR S2 review Price: 22,900/- Specification: • 1.2 inch Super AMOLED screen • 360X360 pixels • 49.8X42.3 mm • Tizen with exynos 3250 dual • 512 RAM, 4GB ROM • Dust and water resistant • 250 mAh battery First Impressions: Love at first sight is...
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Reviewed on 2016-03-17
Wearable technology has long been panned for its lack of style and substance. But that doesn't mean the future will be gloomy – Samsung is back in action with the Gear S2. The Gear S2 is a good choice for smartwatch hunters – and not just because it has b...
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Reviewed on 2016-03-04
Samsung released their latest entry into the wearables arena, the Samsung Gear S2. Take a look at what comes in the box when you buy a Gear S2.Stay tuned for more on the Samsung Gear S2.Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channe l for more videos and...
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Reviewed on 2016-02-22
Display, PerformancePrice
The Gear S2 not only supports touch input but also has a rotating bezel for navigation and two hardware keys on the side for home and back. While rotating bezel sounds a bit complicated, it is really smooth and easy to use for navigating. I got accustomed...
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Reviewed on 2016-02-21
IDC reckons the wearable market will grow at a compounded rate of 28% annually. Among the main contributors to the growth will be smartwatches which made up for 34 million units shipped this year and the forecast is to reach 80 million in the next five ye...
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Reviewed on 2016-02-17
The next Smartwatch that Samsung launched called the Gear S2 is pretty interesting and innovative. The Samsung Gear S2 is using a new style of navigation; simply rotate the circular dial in clockwise or anti clockwise direction.Inside the circular box pac...
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Reviewed on 2016-02-15
Beautiful, solid design, Superb screen, Rotating bezel is awesome, Tizen interface, Decent watch facesPoor selection of apps, Minor connectivity issues, Expensive
The smartwatch concept isn't exactly new anymore, but it's not every day that you see one out in the wild. This might be because a lot of people believe that watches need not be smart, while others see them as expensive toys that might be a lot of fun to...
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