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Samsung P2450H prices in Philippines

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Samsung P2450H Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2010-07-23
While the Samsung SyncMaster P2450h looks great on the surface with its design, there are better options out there. The performance in terms of color accuracy an..
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Reviewed on 2010-06-01
The Samsung SyncMaster P2450h looks sharp, its onscreen menu is cool, its price is decent, and it performs well for a general-use monitorThe P2450h's colors are inaccurate--thanks to having a green push problem--causing its picture to look dull, especially in movie and games, and its high black level causes its picture to lose dark details
If you're debating whether to buy the $260 24-inch Samsung SyncMaster P2450h, or either the more expensive Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 or the Samsung PX2370, we suggest you pay the extra money for one of the latter monitors and save yourself from buyer's...
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Reviewed on 2009-11-30
Responsiveness, Headphone jack and optical audio outTN panel, so poor vertical viewing angles, Nonswivelling base, Won’t display 1080p
Windows 7 Compatible? We got a good laugh out of this sticker on the P2450H. After ridiculous claims regarding contrast ratio, here’s the new killer sales argument: Compatibile with Windows 7.What we have to say is aimed especially at those of you o...
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