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Sony PlayStation Vita TV Specs

Release Date in Philippines
ModelPlayStation Vita TV
DateMar 2014
Ports & interfaces
HDMI ports quantity1
USB 2.0 ports quantity1
Weight & dimensions
Weight110 g
Width65 mm
Depth13.6 mm
Height105 mm
Ethernet LAN
Ethernet LAN data rates10,100 Mbit/s
Wi-Fi standards802.11b,802.11g,802.11n
Bluetooth version2.1+EDR
Card reader integrated
Built-in optical drive
Maximum memory card size64 GB
Colour of productWhite
PlatformPlayStation Vita TV
Processor modelARM Cortex-A9
Graphics processorSGX543MP4+

Sony PlayStation Vita TV Expert Reviews
Reviewed on 2015-07-01
The PS Vita never came close to fulfilling its massive potential, and with scant attention to the portable at this year's E3 , it looks like Sony has all but given up on it as the system it was originally meant to be. But that doesn't necessarily mean it...
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Reviewed on 2014-10-23
The original PS Vita was launched two years ago, and although a few on our team actually went out and bought one, it has struggled to break out of a largely hardcore gaming niche – for example, at the time of writing, the highest rated title on Metacritic...
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Reviewed on 2014-09-30
A couple of years ago, Sony released a portable gaming system called the PlayStation Vita ( read our review ). This portable gaming console promised to bring gameplay experiences that rivaled those offered by the home console, and for the most part, it de...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-24
The new Vita Slim charges with any Micro-USB cable, is thinner and lighter, has improved battery life, and works nicely as a PS4 accessory for local game streaming. The game library's gotten really good, too, including freebies for PS Plus subscribers...Expensive proprietary memory cards are necessary and annoying, new LCD display is less vivid than the original Vita's OLED display, the lack of rumble and extra buttons means some remote-play PS4 games translate awkwardly
We play games all the time on the go now. On our phones, on our tablets. I bet you've played a game in the last few hours. Why then would you need a dedicated gaming handheld?Back in 2005, when Sony made its first gaming handheld , the PSP (PlayStation Po...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-24
Thinne, lighter desig, Solid LCD displa, Robust games librar, Micro USB charging capabilityAnalog sticks can be uncomfortable with certain game, Expensive proprietary PlayStation memory cards
Since 1989, Nintendo has been the gold standard when it comes to handhelds. There have been many challengers to the throne -- the Sega Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Nokia N-Gage -- all ultimately defeated by Nintendo's seemingly untouchable populari...
Reviewed on 2014-06-30
Feels much thinner and lighter than the original PlayStation Vita. LCD screen is crisp and vibrant. Micro USB port. Lots of classic games available over PlayStation Network.Still uses Vita memory cards. Native Vita game library isn't as compelling as that of the Nintendo 3DS
The original Sony PlayStation Vita$303.30 at Amazon was an impressive piece of technology. While the Nintendo 3DS%displayPrice% at %seller% has clearly relegated it to second place in the handheld game system market, the Vita's hardware is objec...
Reviewed on 2014-05-19
Sony is no stranger to the handheld gaming market as they have been offering such devices since 2004 with the PlayStation Portable. Whether or not the PSP was successful is certainly debatable, but Sony decided to move onto a more powerful handheld gaming...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-16
Sony has announced that the new PS Vita Slim (PCH-2000) is coming to Australia, launching on June 4th. It'll be $269.95 for the black model, bundled with a 1GB memory card. Here's Kotaku‘s hands-on with a Japanese version.This article originally appeared...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-12
Lighter and slimmer, Longer battery life, Better access to touchscreen and touch padOLED screen replaced by LCD, No major upgrades, Still costs $200, Forcibly bundled with Borderlands 2, Forcibly bundled with 8GB card
Going up against Nintendo in the handheld wars is like being an adventurer in an old-school RPG off to slay a mysterious monster in a cave — at some point there must be a voiceover from an old man who tells you solemnly “Many have tried, all have failed.”...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-06
There's a new PlayStation Vita handheld out today. It's called the Vita Slim, and while for the most part it's similar to the first model, it does improve on a number of small things. Though there is the issue of that new screen…The Vita is, generally spe...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-26
Good back catalogue of titles, connect to PlayStation 4, slick design, cheap console, good battery lifeDisplay has been downgraded, connection to PlayStation 4 not up to scratch, controls for DualShock based PS4 games are tricky
PlayStation 4 sales in the UK have beaten all expectations, and that probably has something to do with Blighty being second in line to get the PS Vita Slim – that, or Sony just really loves the Brits. Either way it works for us. As does the Vita's ability...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-12
Lighter, more ergonomic design, Screen is actually more natural, Remote Play is great, Now has some built-in storage1GB still isn't enough, Feels less premium than original
Comparing new and old Vitas side by side doesn't entirely go the Slim's way - it just doesn't look or feel quite as premium as the previous model, with more plastic under the fingers and a visible edge around the screen where it sits in the chassis, unlik...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-28
It's a wellbuilt piece of kit that will appeal to many gamers, as long as they have the spare cash to afford it.The screen has been downgraded from the original PS Vita, but the Slim's biggest problem might be finding a market
The smartphone's growing capabilities have limited the market for audio players, pocket cameras, PDAs and other handheld devices, but Sony still thinks there's room out there for a dedicated gaming gadget like the PS Vita Slim. Of course it's not just for...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-12
Slimmer and lighter, Comfortable to hold, Extra long battery, 1GB of internal memoryExpensive, LCD not OLED
Sony's making a bold play with the PS Vita Slim. The dedicated handheld market is one that's vanishing, yet Sony is willing to bet its latest portable on it.While Sony hasn't announced a price yet for Australia, the Brits have an RRP of £180, which is aro...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-07
Slimmer and lighter, Comfortable to hold, Extra long battery, 1GB of internal memoryExpensive, LCD not OLED
Sony's making a bold play with the PS Vita Slim. The dedicated handheld market is one that's vanishing, yet Sony is willing to bet its latest portable on it. And with a £180 RRP (around US$290, AU$330), the PS Vita Slim is asking for more than than its ri...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-07
Lighter, thinner, micro USB charging, 1GB storage, Remote Play with PS4 is greatLCD rather than OLED screen, no 3G version in UK
With smartphone and tablet gaming becoming so dominant in the world of casual gaming is there still room for a dedicated handheld gaming console? Sony certainly thinks so with a refresh of the PlayStation Vita, now in its slimmer form factor, better known...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-07
SONY PLAYSTATION]Sony has suffered a few years in the shadows of Microsoft, but now the bods there have pulled their socks up and are back on top.The PS4 is selling like ice-cream on a sunny day and the PS3 is beating the Xbox 360 in the charts.Now Sony...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-05
The PS Vita sheds its baby fat as Sony looks to go on the offensive with its handheld console, following a surge of goodwill in the wake of the PlayStation 4 launch. This slimline version makes some worthy additions, but also removes one of the Vita's st...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-04
The PlayStation Vita Slim PCH-2000 is noticeably thinner and lighter, while the new LCD screen is -- thankfully -- not a huge step back from the original OLED panel. A microUSB charging port is a welcome addition, while in terms of raw power, this is stil...Sony's proprietary memory cards are costly. Compared with portable gaming on a smart phone or tablet, Vita games are still very expensive, and battery life -- while slightly improved -- is still unspectacular
The PlayStation Vita is back for an encore.The original Vita , a successor the Sony's popular PSP , was released in early 2012, but the new model -- known alternately as the Vita PCH-2000, Vita 2000, or simply "the Vita Slim" -- finally hits the US on May...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-03
Sony has made some great choices in redesigning its portable games console. It’s 20 per cent slimmer and 15 per cent lighter, which doesn’t sound like much, but it feels much more portable and comfortable overall as a result. The console also comes with 1GB of internal memory - not enough for storing downloaded games, but enough to at least store your saved games if you’re mostly gaming on cartri...The biggest change to the PS Vita Slim is the screen, which is now a standard (and cheaper) LCD display, whereas the older model had a gorgeous OLED panel with fantastic contrast. The picture quality on the Slim suffers as a result: blacks aren’t as deep, fast motion isn’t as smooth, and colours don’t pop as well as they did on the original Vita. Unlike the original Vita, there’s also no 3G model...
Sony’s spent the last two years trying to wrestle people away from smartphones and Nintendo’s 3DS with its own PlayStation Vita, and for the most part, it has failed. However, recent releases such as Tearaway have provided some excellent games, partner...
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