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The SteelSeries brand is one of the highly sought-out peripheral brands in the PC gaming market. Knowns for its heavy take on design, function, and performance, the SteelSeries Sensei is not an exception to this statement. Check out all the offers below or click here to read more about this awesome mouse!

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SteelSeries Sensei Specs

SteelSeries Sensei Specs

Release Date in Philippines
DateJul 2011
Input device
Device interfaceUSB
Buttons quantity8
Movement detection technologyLaser
Movement resolution11400 DPI
Recommended usagePC
Number of scroll wheels1

SteelSeries Sensei Philippines: One of the Masters of Gaming Mice

The Sensei is ambidextrously designed and comes in with a glossy metallic coat of paint. With an 8-button configuration and its own powerful processor, the Sensei is a gaming mouse to run with the gods. Carrying an original Pentium-equivalent CPU on the inside, the Sensei allows double the sensitivity from its laser sensor’s native 5700 DPI/CPI to an impressive 11400, and this is talking about just one of the prominent features. You can find its own LCD screen at the mouse’s bottom—basically making it close to a computer in your palm, practically.

One of the best things about gaming peripherals is the LED lights. The Sensei includes 2 rings to both sides of the scroll wheel, a round panel between the scroll wheel and the DPI button, and illuminating the SteelSeries logo. You can also enjoy other features like adjustable lift distance, advanced macros, and FreeMove—which gets rid of path corrections while gaming. It’s not an exaggeration when SteelSeries claims that the Sensei is the most customizable gaming mouse in the market, though it does lack weight management.

Through the SteelSeries Engine software, you are able to customize a number of things about the Sensei. You are able to create an infinite number of mouse profiles (it includes default profiles for certain games like Starcraft II, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends). You’d also think that the LCD screen is just a gimmick but it’s more than that. You can upload a custom bitmap on to it that truly elevates the customization of the mouse. One of the other best things about the Sensei is the ExactLift that allows you to determine the lift distance with great flexibility—ideal for those who are constantly changing gaming surfaces. Built for right-handed gamer, the Sensei offers great performance and next-to-perfect feel and experience.

Should You Own It?

Being a direct successor to the SteelSeries Xai, the Sensei packs its own super punch with the very-well balanced ambidexterity and performance. If you love LED lights during your gaming sessions that equals to your playstyles, then the Sensei is a great gaming mouse to have! Besides, who could say no to a mouse that offers one of the best and most tweakable performance thanks to its own powerful ARM CPU and sensor?

SteelSeries Sensei Expert Reviews
Reviewed on 2014-05-27
Perfect wireless performanc, Robus, user-friendly softwar, Streamlined desig, Gorgeou, useful dockNot ergonomi, Only two DPI settings
Finding a gaming-quality wireless mouse is difficult enough, but finding one that's also an excellent mouse in its own right is nearly impossible. The SteelSeries Sensei ($160) provides the best of both worlds. Not only is the Sensei a well-designed mouse...
Reviewed on 2014-01-09
Ambidextrous for left and right hands, High CPI sensitivityNo ergonomic or weight options, Eight buttons might be too few for some
SteelSeries, a major purveyor of mechanical keyboards, had a big secret to share with us and it turns out the PC gaming peripheral maker had a new wireless mouse called the Sensei Wireless.The mouse promises to deliver lag-free wireless gaming with a one-...
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Reviewed on 2013-11-22
When someone asks my opinion on a new gaming mouse, I always have to include a SteelSeries Sensei in that short list. Hard core mice enthusiasts will mention that it doesn't have a “flawless” sensor, but most users would never spot the difference. More im...
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Reviewed on 2013-08-13
Comfortable and well designed mouse that feels like a premium product, Silver exterior and multi-coloured LED are well implementedSide buttons are not that useful or well placed, A few superfluous features that do not add to the experience
In an earlier review, we had a look at the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Frost Blue gaming mouse. The [RAW] designation of that mouse referred to the stripped down nature of it compared to SteelSeries' Sensei, which is a premium offering within the Danish peri...
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Reviewed on 2013-07-03
ADVANCED MACROS Thanks to the support of the SteelSeries Engine software, you can record even extremely long and advanced macros to the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Gaming Mouse. The macros can not only be layered and can include keystrokes and precise timing...
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Reviewed on 2013-06-14
You know if you need a gaming mouse. You're not pushing virtual paper around on your desktop; you're fragging bots and shooting zombies. For gaming, you need an extra-responsive mouse that has lots of buttons and, ideally, a programmable interface.It was ...
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Reviewed on 2013-05-04
Today we are closely inspecting the ambidextrous Steelseries Sensei, and some of the features include: up to 11,000 dpi, excellent software, and customizable backlighting. Additionally, the Sensei was built and tested around the feedback of professional p...
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Reviewed on 2013-04-02
Steelseries have one of the most loyal followings in the gaming peripheral business, they're one of the names that are synonymous with quality, performance and they're well known to be a popular choice on and off of the eSports scene. So I feel somewhat p...
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Reviewed on 2012-12-17
Great minimal design and functionalityNot the most ergonomic gaming mouse available
I've been lucky enough during my tenure here at Run Around Tech to test some seriously awesome gaming peripherals. I've tested things like the SteelSeries 7G mechanical gaming keyboard and the Logitech G930 gaming headset. In my experience, I've noticed t...
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Reviewed on 2012-08-01
A couple of months back, we reviewed the SteelSeries 7H Fnatic Edition gaming headset and for the most part, we got a good taste of why Fnatic chose the 7H as their officially endorsed product – it was a great headset.This is why today, we'll be reviewing...
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Reviewed on 2012-04-30
Have you ever settled for less than the best, merely because the best wasn't quite as attractive as you like or hoped? This could apply to a countless number of things—anything from your choice in a significant other to something as prosaic as a plate of ...
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Reviewed on 2012-04-28
I don’t know where to really start with this thing. The back of the box reads off so many features that an ordinary man is liable to get mad. “What are all these features?!”, he might say. So, knowing that you are no ordinary man, and could likely be ...
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Reviewed on 2012-03-12
Here we have the SteelSeries Sensei a Pro Grade laser mouse featuring (amongst other things) a 5700 CPI ( that's Counts per Inch) sensor. The mouse features 7 programmable buttons (although 2 of these are on the right side of the mouse, to support the amb...
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Reviewed on 2012-02-27
Sensitive, Nice looking, Buttons, Exactaim, Exactsens etcStiff sleeving
Todays review will be about a gaming mouse from Steelseries named “Sensei”, this version of the Sensei has been put together with the gaming clan Fnatic so it should have some cool features. We are going to compare it vs the Steelseries Xai and also v...
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Reviewed on 2012-02-21
Not happy with your current gaming mouse? Well, the SteelSeries Sensei Fnatic is a limited edition Gaming Mouse from SteelSeries. It sports its own 32-bit ARM processor and has been branded “The world’s most customizable mouse”, but at £80 is it worth...
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Reviewed on 2012-02-01
The Sensei Fnatic is an extremely configurable laser mouse with eight buttons, seven of which are programmable. It’s also ambidextrous, so suits lefty gamers. Most importantly, it’s an incredibly pleasant mouse to hold and to use - we enjoyed using it ...
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Reviewed on 2012-01-18
Superb, customisable performance, Ambidextrous yet comfortable, Programmable without a PC, 3 individual LED zones in any colour, Excellent softwareNot quite as comfy as some right-handed mice, Can accidentally press side buttons, No adjustable weights or grips, Some minor issues with software install
Though it might not be the name you first think of, SteelSeries is a well-respected brand in the gaming peripheral market. In fact, the company's last mouse to cross our desks, the snappily titled SteelSeries Xai , received our highest commendation. Howev...
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Reviewed on 2011-12-21
Very good performance across the board, Near perfect ergonomics, Seven fully programmable buttons, Quality cable, Lights, LCD Display, Neat driver suite (when it works), Compatible with most mats, Low lift-off distance, AmbidextrousHigh price, Somewhat buggy driver suite, Not compatible with all mats
SteelSeries just released their newest high-performance offering dubbed Sensei. Sensei features a 5700 DPI capable sensor and has an onboard 32-bit ARM processor which handles transmission to and from the PC and can run an interpolation algorithm which...
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Reviewed on 2011-12-18
SteelSeries has teamed up with top-end gaming clans Fnatic, SK Gaming, Evil Geniuses and Natus Vincere to design the ultimate high-end gaming mouse. The result: the Sensei.Now, it has the silly underside LCD panel that we can only see being used in qui...
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Reviewed on 2011-12-14
Sensitive laser tracks well over different surfaces; High level of customisable; Teflon feet glide over any surfaceLacking number of macro keys; Only hotswaps between two (customisable) sensitivity settings; grey/chrome plastic top has a cheap look about it
The sensitive laser runs seamlessly on any flat surface, from the glossy to the plain. The mouse glides over surfaces smoothly thanks to the silky Teflon feet that allow the mouse to run perfectly fine with or without a mouse pad. Clicks require just t...
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