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Vivo X3S prices in Philippines

Vivo has conquered the smartphone market in The Philippines with various awesome smartphones. More recently, the Vivo X3S has brought the benchmark up for premium smartphones. Its amazing specs and overall combination of form and function allow the Vivo X3S to be on top. Find out more about the Vivo X3S in The Philippines below.

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Vivo X3S Price by Country

Indonesia IDR 1,150,000
Singapore SGD 150

Take a peep at Vivo X3S in The Philippines

Much like all Vivo smartphones, the Vivo X3S is beautifully crafted. Sporting styles from the future, the Vivo X3S is thin and lightweight and fits perfectly in the palm of your hands. In the race for the thinnest smartphone in the world, Vivo X3S certainly makes headlines. Vivo has pushed the boundaries in size and form of the Vivo X3S.

A glass finish makes the outer casing interesting and easy to hold in the palm of your hand. Dials are on the right hand side with the left side completely blank. Headphones are plugged in using at the top of the device through a 3.5mm jack. Along with capacitive buttons, all these features allow for seamless design in the Vivo X3S’s exterior.

Everything you want in a premium smartphone in the Vivo X3S

Crystal clear display adds to the Vivo X3S’s aesthetics. Powered by a 5 inch 720x1280 display at 294ppi, the Vivo X3S vivid graphics make for perfect viewing. Colours are vibrant and saturated and clarity is bright even when out in sunlight. Ultimately, it’s what’s underneath that attracts every user. With an Octa-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A7 with 1GB of RAM, processor speed is fast enough for daily applications and tasks. You will be impressed with the seamless, smooth perfection of the Vivo X3S’ processor.

Camera features and more!

For the camera, the rear camera is 13MP with a variety of app features along with downloadable add-ons to customize your photography. Some of Vivo X3S’s key features in the camera app are the low light (slow shutter speed) setting that allows you to shoot in lower light conditions, granted you have a steady hand. The camera captures vivid colours even indoors making it suitable for capturing stills of food and indoor activities.

Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities all come standard with the Vivo X3S. On top of this, the Tap to Wake feature allows the user to access the phone with just one tap to the screen. Overall, the Vivo X3S is a budget smartphone that you might want to consider. To start off with, simply get on iprice’s comparison features and start shopping!

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