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Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB Specs

Release Date in Philippines
ModelScorpio Blue 500GB
DateSep 2008
HDD size2.5"
HDD capacity500 GB
HDD speed5400 RPM
InterfaceSerial ATA
Storage drive buffer size8 MB
Read seek time12 ms
Track to track seek time2 ms
Average latency5.50 ms
Bytes per sector512
Start/stop cycles600000

Reviews of Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB

Reviewed on 2009-05-14
Western Digital differentiates its 5400rpm drives with the name Scorpio Blue, while Scorpio Black refers to the higher performance 7200rpm models.We tried a WD50000BEVT Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB unit, a 500GB 2.5in notebook drive. This is wel...
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Reviewed on 2009-03-25
With the notebook market growing faster than the desktop market, many consumers are finding that they don't have enough available storage space as they have filled up the drive rather quickly. If you fall into that category and are looking for a mas...
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Reviewed on 2009-01-06
While two other 500 GB mobile hard drives have been available for a while, WD is the first to release this capacity in a model using the standard ......
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Reviewed on 2008-05-07
Western Digital 320GB Scorpio Notebook Hard DriveMany of us have probably wondered why Western Digital never came out with a 7200 RPM notebook hard drive. Well, they didnt need to. Their Scorpio family of 2.5" hard drives may run at "only" 5400 RPM bu...
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Reviewed on 2008-01-02
320GB is presently the highest capacity for 2.5" hard drive, Strong performance, Very cool, Very quiet
A 7200RPM model would be interesting, Three year warranty is OK, but five years would obviously be better
Western Digitals newest 2.5" drive made a splash when it was announced because it marked a new high in this form factors capacity. While all of that disk space in such a small package is great, it was all of the other things revealed during the revie...
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Reviewed on 2008-11-17
Cost-effective, stays quiet and cool during operation, large storage capacity
Slightly slower read/write speed compared to competitors
We're always amazed at how far hard drive technology has come. Despite being a 2.5in device that can fit into a notebook, the Western Digital Scorpio Blue is reasonably quick and still packs a capacity of 500GB without an accompanying budget-breaking pric...
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Reviewed on 2008-03-14
of SATA we have seen hard disk speeds increase, and Native Command Queuing has also reduced the time it takes for hard disks to recover data on a drive when it’s located at different points across the physical disk. Additionally, the adoption of per...
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Reviewed on 2008-02-06
High capacity, good overall performance, practically silent operation
Could take a while to fill up The Final Word As a replacement drive for a Serial ATA-based notebook, the Scorpio is ideal. It runs cool and silently, and its performance was surprisingly good in our tests.
When you pull the Scorpio from its packaging, its hard to believe that such a small component can hold up to 298GB of data. Its less than 1cm thick and its 2.5in form factor allows it to slot into any notebook that has a Serial ATA hard drive connect...
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