Needless to say, we always take adapters for granted. When it comes to adapters, a lot of people always forget about keeping them organized. Yet, there are tons of different adapter designs that you can choose to make it easier to organize them. Read more about adapters in the Philippines below to find out.


Top Adapters Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
DELL HDMI to VGA Adaptor Cable ₱ 207.00 Shopee
Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter ₱ 1,574.00 Shopee
Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter ₱ 1,995.15 LazMall by Lazada
Samsung USB type C to HDMI Adapter ₱ 24,675.00 Amazon
Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter ₱ 1,282.73 LazMall by Lazada
Avantree DG40S ₱ 569.84 Shopee
Apple USB Ethernet Adapter ₱ 1,590.00 Shopee
Apple Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter ₱ 1,100.00 Shopee
Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter ₱ 2,490.00 LazMall by Lazada
Apple Lightning to VGA Adapter ₱ 1,199.00 Shopee
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DELL HDMI to VGA Adaptor Cable

Cheapest at Shopee ₱ 207.00 ₱ 526.00 Go to Shop

Proper Computer Cable & Adapter Management Skills that You Wish You Know

It is ironic that we still encounter the problem of computer cable clutter in the age of digital technology. As a matter of fact, it becomes one of the biggest annoyances for those that use computers. There are many things that you can do to keep your computer cables organized. When you declutter your space, you will be amazed that you will be very inspired to do anything.After you go through this amazing guide, you can experience the wonders of proper computer cable management.

Keep Cable or Adapterfrom Falling

If you always encounter the problem of cable or adapterthat tends to slip off the desk when not in use, you should consider using binder clips. This inexpensive tool is handy in preventing any cables or adaptersfrom falling down so that you do not have to "rescue" them. Most importantly, binder clips also help you to keep an eye on your cables or adaptersso that you do not misplace them. Needless to say, a lot of people actually lose themeven though they put them on tables.

In case you do not have any binder or paper clip, you just need an old club or credit card, a puncher or a scissor to do the same trick. All you need to do is to punch some holes into the card. Then, cut into the hole from the edge and insert your cables. This punched card can work just as well for keeping your cables from falling off your desk.

Mount Your Power Strips

When it comes to power strips, you certainly do not want it lying around and clutter your entire cable setup! You can always use double-sided tape to mount your power strips in any direction that you prefer. Most importantly, you can even conceal them in order to achieve that declutter look. In addition, you can consider using something like Velcro if you want to mount the power strip upside down to the bottom of the desk top. Unlike double-sided tape, Velcro is convenient since it allows you to remove the power strip when you need better access to it. You can always try to buy a cable organizer or build one yourself.

Organize Your Cables

When you have more cables than you can possibly keep apart, it is the time to label them with bread clips. These fantastic bread clips are handy when it comes to identifying specific cables so that you do not misplace them. Aside from helping to label your cables, they also help to keep your cables together. For long cables, you can use a monkey braid to fold them. With these amazing skills, it is more than just possible to embrace your modern lifestyle that is free from cable clutter. From USB cables to HDMI cables, everything can be kept nice and tidy.