USB cables are some of the most versatile computing accessories. In the Philippines, USB cables are much loved as we use them every day in data transfer and smartphone charging. Read on to know reasons why you should have a USB Cable in the Philippines below.


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Reasons why you should have a USB Cable in the Philippines

They help you connect data input and output. They help you to charge your phone and other electrical devices. They get you connected from one outlet of media to another. What are they? They are USB cables. Universal Serial Bus cables, or USB cables as they are called, are some of the most useful accessories to have in your computing arsenal. For those of us who regularly use USB cables, we may take them for granted. This said, let’s look at a few situations where USB cables come in handy and how we can use them to the fullest.

Save your data

You know what’s awesome? Being able to save your data! In this day and age, data is everything saving your data is absolutely vital. Grab a USB cable and connect it to your computer on one end, the other end to your hard drive. Now you’ve got an outlet to transfer data from one source to another. Now you can save your data straight into the hard drive. USB cables with a connector fit perfectly to other USB outlets and easily transfer your information from one source to another. This works well with desktop computers, laptops, and literally any other source of information processing device.

Connect your media

Bringing your USB cable around can help you connect your media to its output/input. Many external speakers, USB speakers, monitors, and even smartphones use the concept of USB outlets as the means to transferring data into the output, converting it into sound or video. This makes perfect sense when bringing your gadgets out with you when travelling. Simply bring along your USB cable and be sure it fits into other media outlets. For some media outlets, you may need to bring along an HDMI cable to connect your devices. HDMI cables are not USB cables, but they work in a similar method to USB cables in the sense of plug-and-play systems.

Charging your devices

Here’s one of the most useful situations a USB cable comes in handy. When you find your smartphone dying and you need to bring it back to life, you need not fear if you have a USB cable. USB cables, particularly Micro USB cables are made to not only transfer data, connect media, but to also transfer power to the device. This feature allows you to connect your gadgets to your power outlet (such as a laptop or power bank) and charge the device without hassle. In many cases, you can transfer media from your phone while charging it simultaneously! How cool is that?!

Now that you know more about USB cables in the market today, it’s time to get some for yourself. Save yourself some hassle and get original, and quality brands of USB cables. Some brands you may want to look into include TP-Link, Remax, and 3M USBs. Go ahead and get these useful accessories for all your data and power transferring needs.