The keyboard of your PC and laptop is one of the hardware components that are most used daily. Yet, many do not realise that their keyboards should be cleaned regularly as they are prone to dust and bacteria? Thankfully, simple-to-use keyboard cleaners can be found in abundance in the Philippines. Read on to find out more about keyboard cleaners.


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A Guide on How to Clean Your Keyboards

Taking care of your PC or laptop not only enables them to constantly run in pristine condition, but also extends their longevity which saves you money in the long run. Most people generally take good care of their hardware but often overlook one of the main components – the keyboard. Keeping your keyboard clean not only affects their functionality, but it can impact your health as well.

Why is it Important to Clean Your Keyboards

The keyboard is a human interface device, meaning that it is a part of the computer or laptop that has direct contact with humans. This also means that it is subjected to the opportunity for higher wear and tear. Proper maintenance and cleaning of your keyboard is essential to ensure that the keyboard works optimally. The dirt accumulated between the keys can cause keys to malfunction.

Besides affecting functionality, maintaining a clean keyboard also impacts your personal hygiene and well-being. Do you know that your keyboard potentially hosts harmful bacteria such as E. coli and staph? Research on potential health hazards of keyboards has shown that your keyboards had levels of germs five times higher than that found on toilet seats! Moreover, the tendency to type while having our meals causes the keys to be covered with grease, crumbs, and stains. This build-up of grime makes the keyboard prime real-estate for germs and bacteria.

Simple Steps to Clean Your Keyboards

So, how often should you clean your keyboard? Experts advise that you should clean your keyboard at least once a month. It will take some time to remove all the grime, but the effort is worth it in exchange for your keyboard’s longevity and your personal health. Cleaning your keyboard is not a complicated procedure, just follow these simple steps below:

  1. A precautionary safety measure that you should always do before performing any cleaning tasks on your keyboard is to make sure that you unplug your keyboard from the laptop or PC.
  2. To remove loose debris, tilt the keyboard upside down and shake it. You can also use keyboard vacuum cleaners and cleaning kits such as the ones featured above to remove loose grime effectively.
  3. Use a damn cloth – preferably made of microfibre – to wipe the keys and the keyboard. The keys have a special coating that prevents them from rubbing off, so you can clean them without worries. You should not use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials as they could cause irreversible damage to the keyboard and keys.
  4. To remove dirt at hard-to-reach areas, you can use a dampened swab or a dry toothbrush with soft bristles.
  5. Leave the keyboard and keys to dry up before reusing them.

Whether you have a mechanical keyboard or regular desktop keyboards, ensure its longevity by maintaining it properly with keyboard cleaners. You can also cover it with keyboard protectors to prevent dirt and other impurities from getting in between the nook and crannies of your keyboard.