Pairing a laptop with a laptop stand is beneficial for school or work. There are a lot of laptop stands for sale in the Philippines, so find one that best suits your budget and lifestyle. Some of the best brands of laptop stands in the Philippines include Xiaomi, Nillkin, Baseus, and a whole lot more. Here is some good-to-know information about laptop stands.

Should you use a laptop stand? | What is a laptop stand for? | Why are laptop stands angled?

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Laptop Stand Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right One

Laptop stands should not be confused with laptop tables. They are intended to be placed on top of any even surfaces, such as desks. They are paired with your laptop so it gets elevated. Find out more about laptop stands and what you should consider before buying.

Pick One According to Your Needs

Adjustable and fixed laptop stands - these two types are equipped with different perks based on their usage. Learn more about what kind of laptop stand suits your needs best.

Adjustable Laptop Stand

These portable laptop stands are some of the most popular in the Philippines due to the convenience they offer. Not only are they adjustable in height (up to your eye level or higher), but also they can be rotated at a 360-degree angle to make yourself comfortable while working or gaming on your laptop.

However, adjustable laptop stands typically take some time to assemble. Some individuals find them difficult to maneuver. Nevertheless, they are portable can be folded into smaller sizes if there’s a need to put it in a bag or carry it somewhere. They are also ideal for individuals who prefer a less bulky accessory to carry in their travels like business trips.

Fixed Laptop Stands

These stationary laptop stands are ideal for individuals who have a home office, work area, or room in their home. They are easy to use, compact, and have fixed mechanism, hence their name. These laptop stands are also typically used in many offices.

Fixed laptop stands are typically broader and bulkier than adjustable varieties. They enable individuals to carry more items in any excess space, along with your laptop and other gadgets. Some models are portable, although they can’t fit in your laptop bag.

Laptop Size

Before buying a laptop stand, be sure to check your laptop’s dimensions to match the laptop stand. While some laptop stands are adjustable in height and angle, their size cannot be adjusted. Most laptop stands in the Philippines come in standard sizes, letting you pair any laptop whose sizes are from 11 inches to 17 inches. But do note that some laptop stand models are limited to a specific size.

Checking the size of your laptop also allows you to use the laptop stand perfectly, without experiencing complications such as being too big or too small. Laptop stands also vary in design - chic, minimal, or modern. Picking the right design will also depend on your personal preference and what look you want your workstation to turn out.


It’s also important to know what kind of materials are used for the laptop stands to determine their durability. Laptop stands made with aluminum and plastic are hard and slightly dense, perfect for those who want a sturdy stand. Besides being durable, they are long-lasting and scratch-resistant that makes them retain their design and style over time.

Meanwhile, leather laptop stands are long-lasting. Like those made with aluminum and plastic, they retain their quality over a long time and usage. They are also waterproof and easy to clean. But there’s one downside to them which is they might get flexible or softer overtime, and have a possibility of collapsing, especially when you use heavy laptops.

Additional Features

Opt for a laptop stand with extra features. Needless to say, you will choose impressive and useful features to make sure you get a laptop stand that’s worth the investment. Not only can they hold your laptop, but also have other beneficial uses.

Some laptop stands in the Philippines are equipped with cooling holes or inbuilt cooling fans that prevent your laptop from overheating by increasing its airflow.

It’s also great to choose a laptop stand with anti-slip features that keep your laptop slanted or in a sloping position. Stands should have an anti-slip feature to keep your laptop in a slanted position or sloping angle. Other useful laptop stand features include detachable/adjustable, as well as USB charging port features.

A phone holder allows you to place your mobile phone beside your laptop, giving you the ability to look at it whenever you need to without holding it. Another feature is the USB charging port that’s perfect for individuals who are busy working, as they can do so in peace, without the need to stand up and plug in to charge or monitor their device.

Should you use a laptop stand?

Using a height-adjustable laptop stand to keep the laptop above your desk surface- or lap- will help keep it cooler. Your laptop’s performance can suffer if it gets too hot. An ergonomic laptop stand can help you position the angle of your laptop so you can reduce screen glare, which can lead to eye strain and headaches.

What is a laptop stand for?

A laptop stand is something a laptop can be set on that is raised up off a table or another surface. Having a laptop on a laptop stand can make it easier to work on and use because the screen is closer to eye level.

Why are laptop stands angled?

There was a survey conducted in 2015 that revealed almost 65% of adults in the United States were suffering from digital eyestrain known as Computer Vision Syndrome. You will find a number of accessories available to combat this problem on the market today. The best way to alleviate Computer Vision Syndrome is to use an adjustable laptop stand. We are all different, and an angle for a laptop that suits one person will not suit another. It’s important that you are able to adjust the angle of your laptop so that it minimises the glare from the screen and provides the best protection for your eyes.