We tend to take microphones for granted. Given their amazing uses, microphones are some of the most underrated pieces of technology today. Read more about computer microphones here.

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When do you Need a Computer Microphone?

Have you ever attended an event only to find that you can’t hear a word of what the person is saying? You might be wondering “If only the person had a microphone”. Microphones were built as simple gadgets to amplify your voice from where you stand to the amplifier, all the way to the speaker output. These little electronics work wonders in today’s world so much so almost all of our electronic gadgets require microphones either built into them or attached externally. Here are some events where you will need microphones.

Making a phone call

Technology has advanced so fast in recent years that we tend to take things for granted. Particularly when making phone calls, we tend to overlook the fact that our microphones play a huge role. One type of phone microphone that we may use is the hands-free set. This set allows you to remotely take calls as well as speak without holding the smartphone to your face. Allowing you to multitask and get complete tasks easily while taking/making a phone call, these microphones are standard with every smartphone.

Singing karaoke

We in the Philippines love our karaoke. Singing our hearts out is part of our lifestyle. That said, what would we do without microphones? Microphones help us to project our voice into our favourite songs and give us feedback in the form of sound as to our performance. Karaoke microphones sometimes have features that enable echo, bass, and treble to be manipulated. This creates the effect of contemporary music.

A lecture/seminar

This is where microphones are an absolute necessity – at lectures and seminars. Due to large audiences, seminar and lecture venues do not accommodate sound travel. When one is standing away from the audience, he or she needs to project his/her voice to be able to reach a crowd in the hundreds, maybe to the thousands. Having a microphone comes in extremely handy in these situations. A microphone hooked up to a speaker system could reach out and connect the speaker to the entire audience. It also prevents the speaker from speaking too loudly.

In emergency situations

When disaster strikes, we have to get people organized to evacuate the danger zones. One way to do this is to manually give instructions. As many may be affected by the looming danger, we have to use microphones to get people together. One type of microphone designed for this situation is called a “Hailer”. Hailers have specific features to activate sirens and “whoop-whoop” sounds that make it perfect for emergency situations. This is why many public areas have hailers ready as part of the emergency tools. When strategically placed alongside other emergency equipment, hailers can save lives.

Now that you know more about microphones and their uses, it’s time to get some. Get a few microphones to set up a system of communication so you can get your message across. Some of the brands you may want to consider include Sony and Razer.