Desktop PCs from trusted brands like Dell, Apple, Alienware, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and Samsung are some of the best computing devices in the Philippines. Gaming computers, minicomputers, and all-in-one PCs are sought-after for their impressive specifications and features. Browse the latest desktop computers, or find out more about desktop PCs below!


Top Desktop Computers Price List 2020

Top 10 products Price Store
Apple Mac Mini ₱ 21,806.00 Lazada
DELL OptiPlex 9020 ₱ 15,642.73 Amazon
HP EliteDesk 800 G1 ₱ 16,509.00 Galleon
DELL OptiPlex 7010 ₱ 10,460.20 Amazon
DELL OptiPlex 3020 ₱ 10,700.00 Galleon
Apple iMac 21.5-inch ₱ 52,307.98 Amazon
DELL OptiPlex 790 ₱ 15,395.63 Amazon
Microsoft Surface Studio 2 ₱ 222,017.00 Galleon
Dell OptiPlex 990 ₱ 14,285.69 Amazon
DELL Inspiron 3647 ₱ 7,656.00 Lazada
Most Popular
Apple Mac Mini

Cheapest at Lazada ₱ 21,806.00 ₱ 25,045.00 Go to Shop

Desktop Computer FAQs: 2020 Guide to Computer Set Prices, Availability, and More!

How much is computer set Philippines?

As of 2020, the desktop computer price in the Philippines ranges from ₱ 4,560.00 to ₱ 369,763.00. Desktop computers are available on leading e-marketplaces like Shopee, Amazon, and Galleon.

Computer Set Price List Philippines 2020

Computer Desktop



Apple Mac Mini

₱ 21,949.00


HP Compaq Pro 6300 Small Form Factor

₱ 5,937.00


DELL OptiPlex 9020

₱ 13,443.00


Dell OptiPlex 990

₱ 13,152.90


Alienware Area 51

₱ 248,125.00


DELL OptiPlex 780

₱ 4,560.00


DELL OptiPlex 3040

₱ 14,696.00


Apple iMac Pro

₱ 369,763.00


DELL OptiPlex 7010

₱ 10,590.46


Acer Aspire 600

₱ 14,900.00


How to set up a computer with two monitors?

  1. Connect your second monitor to the port on your PC. Also, don’t forget to plug it into a power outlet.
  2. If you are using a Windows desktop computer, right-click on the desktop homepage and choose Display Settings. A dialog box will pop up where you can specify the displays’ arrangement. There will be a pull-down menu for the multiple displays, allowing you to set up two screens. Select “Extend these displays” to prompt your computer to make both screens as one contiguous display.
  3. Select “Monitor Order” so Windows can identify which monitor is on the left or right. Simply drag the display icons at the top of the pop-up box. If you get this wrong, you will have difficulty in scrolling your mouse.
  4. Select “Primary Display then “Make this my main display” option to let you set up which monitor gets the start and taskbar buttons. If this option doesn’t appear, then you have already selected the monitor as the main one.

You may also configure these settings by right-clicking on the homepage and choosing your graphics control panel.

How much does a PC set cost?

A very good gaming PC in the Philippines in 2020 typically costs about $700 (around ₱35,500) to $1,000 (around ₱50,700).

How Much Does a Good Computer Set Cost in the Philippines 2020?

Desktop Tier

Total Price


₱ 11,400.00


₱ 14,800.00


₱ 17,900.00


₱ 23,000.00


₱ 25,000.00


₱ 26,400.00


₱ 30,500.00

Very good

₱ 38,800.00


₱ 49,900.00


₱ 55,500.00


₱ 56,900.00


₱ 70,400.00


₱ 88,200.00


₱ 127,700.00


₱ 161,700.00


₱ 192,700

What is the best desktop computer in 2020?

10 Best Desktop Computers with Intel Core i7 processors in the Philippines 2020

  1. Dell Inspiron 24 5000 All-in-One PC 23.8-inch (Intel Core i7)
  2. LENOVO IdeaCentre 520 All-In-One PC 23.8-inch (Intel Core i5 or i7)
  3. HP Pavillion 24 All-In-One PC 23.8-inch (Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7)
  4. Acer S24 All-In-One PC 23.8-inch (Intel Core i7)
  5. Lenovo IdeaCentre 730s All-In-One PC 23.8-inch (Intel Core i7)
  6. HP Pavilion 27 All-In-One PC 270-inch (Intel Core i7)
  7. DELL Inspiron 7000 All-in-One PC 27-inch (Intel Core i7)
  8. Acer U27 All-In-One PC 27-inch (Intel Core i7)
  9. HP Envy All-In-One PC 27-inch (Intel Core i7)
  10. ASUS Vivo All-in-One PC 27-inch (Intel Core i7)