Simple and portable, flash drives have been heralded as one of the most important devices because they allow you to store and transfer data with relative ease. Furthermore, they are also increasingly cheaper and bigger capacity at the same time. Read more about flash drives in the Philippines here to find out.


Top Flash Drives Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Sandisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 128GB ₱ 316.00 Lazada
Sandisk Cruzer Blade USB 2.0 16GB ₱ 129.00 Lazada
Sandisk Cruzer Blade USB 2.0 4GB ₱ 129.00 Lazada
Sandisk Cruzer Blade USB 2.0 8GB ₱ 129.00 Lazada
Sandisk Cruzer Blade USB 2.0 64GB ₱ 123.00 Lazada
Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C 128GB ₱ 829.00 LazMall by Lazada
Sandisk Ultra Dual USB 3.0 16GB ₱ 244.00 Shopee
Sandisk iXpand USB 3.0 ₱ 1,008.00 Shopee
Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C ₱ 337.00 LazMall by Lazada
Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0 ₱ 369.00 LazMall by Lazada
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Sandisk Sandisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 128GB

Available in Lazada ₱ 316.00 ₱ 495.00 Go to Shop

Things to Know Before Choosing Your Flash Drives

USB flash drives are a more convenient option when you compare them with other external storage. While you have the latest power of cloud storage technology, the tried-and-tested flash drives are far from being obsolete. Nowadays, it is considered necessary to get your own flash drive because it enables you to back up your data, installing operating systems, transfer data, and others.These are the things that you should know so that you can get the best flash drives that match your needs.

Decide Your Size

The first thing that you need to determine is the storage capacity of your flash drive. This will depend on the type of files that you want to save. If you store text documents or JPEG photos only, a 4GB flash drive is more than enough. Since most text documents take less than 200KB, you can save a high number of them. You can also take an 8GB flash drive if want to back up text documents and JPEG photos.

A 16gb flash drive will be ideal for storing large, high-quality photos. Not just that, it is perfect to store documents with graphics and organized information such as tables, charts, and others. You can even save several music albums on this flash drive. When it comes to audio and video clips, you should consider a 32GB or larger flash drive because they are large files that can occupy a lot of spaces. Each year, there will be a next flash drive that is bigger and better. In other words, you can keep an eye of the upcoming flash drive so that you can upgrade your storage capacity.

File Transfer Speed

Aside from storage capacity, you need to pay attention to file transfer speed of a flash drive. As you are shopping for flash drives, you should remember that flash drive requires a USB port of the corresponding generation to reach their full functionality. In other words, USB 3.0 flash drive will work well when you use it in a 3.0 port. Despite this, USB 3.0 flash drive is also reverse-compatible with second generation port. While you can use it in a 2.0 port, you will not be able to enjoy the same file transfer speed like in a 3.0 port.

Design & Durability

Since there are tons of flash drive designs in the market, this means that you will have a wide range of choices. However, you should take note that not all flash drive designs are entirely practical. While it makes sense for a flash drive with an attached lanyard, the detachable cap can be annoying because it is more likely to fall off and become lost. As if it is not worse enough, it exposes your vulnerable plug-in area of your flash drive.

When it comes to durability, it will not be an issue if you are using a flash driveto transfer data between computers in your home or office. If you always put it into your pocket wherever you go, you should get a more durable flash drive so that it does not get damaged easily. Moreover, you can check out reviews in order to get a well-protected flash drive.