From gaming to working, the motherboard is a vital piece of machinery needed for your computer to operate. Don’t know what a motherboard is? Fret not! Scroll down to read more about motherboards.


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The Components of a Motherboard

As one of the most important pieces of a PC, the motherboard is complex and essential for the operation of a PC. Full of components that each play a role in the performance of your computer, the motherboard is the centerpiece of a PC. For the casual PC user, these facts might be of little interest to them, but for those interested in building their own gaming computer or just plain interested, here’s a brief explanation of a few motherboard components that can be found present on a motherboard.


The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is one of the most well-known components of a computer, as it should be seeing as it’s extremely vital for the speed and performance of our computer. Quite small in size, the CPU can typically be found under the heat sink, which absorbs the heat generated by the CPU works. Often called the brain of the computer, the CPU is what actually carries out every of your commands.


A piece of volatile memory, the RAM contains all the short term memory that you use when your computer is turned on. Whatever is recorded on the RAM is deleted when the computer is turned off. The bigger the RAM the better your computer's performance.

Memory Card Slots

Used to store the computer’s memory card slots, the number of varies depending on the motherboard, it is typically located in the upper-right art corner of most motherboards. When buying motherboards it is recommended to keep an eye on a number of slots it has, as well as the type of memory it supports. Doing so will benefit you later on, especially if you have any intentions of upgrading your PCs memory.

Northbridge and Southbridge

Known as the chipset, its purpose is to interconnect the various components on the motherboard with each other as well as with the rest of the computer, while at the same time coordinating their interactions.


There are multiple slots, ports, and connectors to be found on a motherboard. Such as the USB headers audio ports, IDE and SATA Ports, and much more. Some of the connectors are only used to interconnect components within the motherboard, while some are for external use, such as the audio ports to connect to speakers or headphone jacks.

There are many more components of a motherboard that we have yet to touch on and these are only a few features that can be considered the most visible components to be found on a motherboard.

Best Gaming Motherboards

What constitutes as the best gaming “mobo” is a subjective opinion and truly depends on how the motherboard functions, as well as what you’re looking for in a motherboard. At most, however, we’re able to give a list of some of the most popular motherboard brands to be found here.

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