Everyone has played at least a video game in their life, be it PC games, online games, mobile games or console games. Video games are not only sources of entertainment, they are also capable of imparting important values and life lessons to the players. Read on to find out about the life lessons that you can obtain by playing video games.

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Life Lessons You Will Learn by Playing Video Games

The common sentiment amongst Filipino parents is that playing video games is a waste of time and that their children are better off spending their free time revising their homework. Although excessive periods of gaming may be detrimental to one’s mental and physical health, playing video games in moderation enables players to learn important values that are applicable in real life. Some of the lessons that one can learn from playing video games are as explained below:

Never Giving Up

Often times, video games consist of specific goals and targets that players must achieve in order to level up their characters or to move on to the next chapter. These achievements are by no means easy and might require players to play certain stages repeatedly for them to move on to the next stage. However, once you have played the stage multiple times, your past experiences will enable you to anticipate certain challenges, making it gradually easier to pass the stage.

This teaches us that either in games or in real life, you can only achieve your goals if you do not call it quits so easily. When you fail to reach your targets, take a step back, re-strategize, and try again. Your past experiences will guide you on what works best and otherwise. Sooner or later, you are going to accomplish your aspirations and you will feel proud that you did not give up the moment you initially failed.

Plan First Before Acting

Ask any frequent video gamer and they will tell you that being gung-ho or rushing into the stage without proper planning is seldom the best strategy. Seasoned players will utilise their resources and surroundings to come up with a strategy to counter the obstacles that they might face ahead. Having a plan enables players to be more well-prepared to handle surprises and unexpected situations.

Planning before acting has real-life implications as well. When we are making important life decisions or going into new ventures, we should always plan and equip ourselves for any challenges that we might face in the future. This will make us more prepared to encounter any future complications.


In team-based games such as Overwatch, Dota 2, and Counter Strike, learning how to work in a team is essential to achieve victory. Being the lone wolf or adopting the one-man-show approach will only spell disaster to your team and will almost always cause your team the win. Everyone has a role to play in the team, so no matter how skillful you are, you will still need to play your part in the team and have each other’s back.

Learning how to work in a team is also a vital skill that is applicable in real-life situations. Each of your team members have their own expertise and skill sets that they bring to the team. However, this also means that they also have their own weaknesses. Working in a team allows you to support each other and work together to achieve a common goal.

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