Condura offers some of the best refrigerators in the Philippines at reasonable prices. Condura refrigerator inverter, Condura refrigerator 2 door, and Condura refrigerator parts are sought-after for their impressive specifications and features. Browse the latest Condura appliances, or find out more about Condura refrigerators below!


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Condura CTD800MNi Refrigerator

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Condura Refrigerator FAQs

Previously catering to only the business needs of the people, Condura has since branched out to provide something more suited to people looking for great refrigerators for their homes. Have a look at the lines of products that they have to offer below:

Condura Negosyo 5.1G Series

  • No-nonsense business fridges
  • Great for restaurants and cafes
  • Available in only 1 metallic colour
  • Features single door or two doors
  • Available in 6 different sizes: 5.7 cu. ft., 6.7 cu. ft., 7.7 cu. ft., 7.8 cu. ft., 8.6 cu. ft., 9.8 cu. ft.
  • The two-door fridges feature tiltable wire shelves

Condura Negosyo Style Series

  • Single door refrigerators in silver or burgundy
  • Newer additions to the lineup of refrigerators that Condura has to offer
  • A mark that shows Condura’s change in direction to provide something that caters to both the young and the old
  • One-Touch Defrost system
  • Big and Spacious Door Racks
  • Available in 2 different sizes: 5.6 cu. ft., 6.5 cu. Ft.

Condura Negosyo Freezer Series

  • Features only freezers
  • Available in either chest design or upright design
  • Only available in 1 colour
  • Comes in 3 sizes: 5.3 cu. ft. (Chest), 7.1 cu. ft. (Chest), 7.7 cu. ft. (Upright)
  • Chest design features a removable wire basket as well as Lock & Key
  • Upright design features deep shelves and roll bond technology

Condura No Frost Series

  • Only available in two door designs
  • As the name suggests, fridges in this line feature auto-defrost capabilities
  • Available in 4 different sizes: 11.1 cu. ft. [CNF-315], 14.5 cu. ft. [CNF-410], 15.6 cu. ft. [CNF-450], 18.6 cu. ft. [CNF-530]
  • CNF-315 and CNF-410 features an Ice Maker
  • CNF-450 and CNF-530 features tempered glass shelves as well as double vegetable compartments
  • All units come with a Multi-Air Flow system that helps to keep your food fresh longer

A shining testament to the design, ingenuity and craftsmanship of Filipinos, Condura is an appliance brand that has made its way through the competitive appliances industry. Offering high quality, durable fridges that are a great addition to any business or home, it is no wonder the brand is popular and well-loved by the locals.

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