As one of the familiar names in the car tyre industry, Continental is all about delivering superior tyres that provide maximum comfort and performance. With powerful Continental tyres, you enjoy smooth and fluid driving experience. Read more about Continental in the Philippines here below to find out.

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What You Should Consider Before Getting the Right Continental Tyres

Among many cartyresin the market, Continental cartyreshave been regarded as one of the finest because you can enjoy their superiorcomfort, performance, and strength. However, a lot of people make costly mistakes because they get the wrongtyresfor their vehicles. Needless to say, they have to waste time andmoney to get the right one.Hereis what you should consider before getting the right Continentaltyres.

Quality ofTyres

In terms of quality, tyres are divided into three different categories: Premium, Value, and Budget. If you are wondering which tyre to get, it largely depends on your needs. Not all tyres are the same because each tyre has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know that a single tyre cannot be the best in everything. Some can offer better grip and stability while some are just long-lasting. Obviously, the more you invest, thebetter qualitythe tyre will get. At the end of day, good tyres are worth your investment because they affect your overall driving experience as well as safety.

Premium Tyres

From their name, you can already tell that these tyres are built to the highest standards. Thanks to premium-quality materials and construction, they tend to lastfor 15,000 to 20,000 miles under normal usage. Premium tyres benefitmuch fromheavyinvestment in research, design, andtechnology. As a result, they deliver improved stopping distances, better fuel economy, grip, stability, and lower noise levels. Some premium tyres are award-winningdesigns that have been recognized for their superior design and performance.Since they usuallyboast along lifespan, they are less likely to be replaced.

Value Tyres

If you find premium tyres out of your budget, you may consider getting value tyres. While these particular tyres do not contain "premium" element in their construction, they may incorporate some of the latest technologies or innovations in their development. As such, they can provide great value of money. They are the middle ground between both premium tyres and value tyres.Depending on yourtype of drivingand the way you drive, value tyres can have along lifespan.

Budget Tyres

As the most inexpensive tyres in the list, budget tyres do not necessarily mean that they are the worst tyres in the market. Your experience with budget tyres also depends on whichmanufactureror brand you buy from. While a good budget tyre does not offer the same level of performance and comfort as the premium or value tyres, it can be long-lasting. In addition, it can offer the right combination of comfort and safety at the right price.

Tread Pattern

When it comes togrip and comfortable driving experience, the thread pattern plays the main role of affecting them.The tread pattern also influences how much road noise is generated by the tyre due to air getting trapped and expelled from those channels during running. Ithasa major effect on tyres, especially when driving onwet weather condition.Nicelyspaced treadsnormally giveagoodamount of grip levels for everyday driving. At the same time, it offersa low decibel rating which means that the tire is quiet enough for everyday road use.

Conventional Thread

It is the most common thread pattern you can find in the market. Since it is neitheruni-directional or asymmetrical, youcan run itin eitherdirection. It can be mounted on the rim either way as well.

Uni-Directional Thread

These tyres are designedto be different as they are the most effective whenro.tatingin the specified direction. You will usually find a marking on the sidewall of these tyres stating the direction of rotation with an arrow. Uni-directional tyres typically have "A" or "V" configuration. Aggressive V pattern treadfocuses more on high grip and performance.Sincethey work more efficiently in the specified direction, you can expect better waterchannellingand controlling tyre noise.

Asymmetrical Thread

The asymmetrical tyres havean outside/road-facing sidewall andaninside/car-facing sidewall. On these tyres, you can findmarkings on thesidewalls that indicates its road-facing section.The advantage of asymmetrical tyres is that they tend to be more versatile than other thread patterns. As an example, the outside shoulder of the tyre tread can be designed with a different pattern and compound of rubber to aid high speed cornering while the rest of the tyre can utilize harder compound for betterthreadwear. In addition, you can even use a different thread pattern for amazing wet weather performance.

Other Factors You Should Consider

Despite different construction styles, each tyre should contain the same thread pattern and tread depth on both sides of the axle. Otherwise, you may face poor breaking and steering performance. It is also important that you should not mix tyres of different sizes or aspect ratios. Aside from running the risk of imbalance, you will not be able to achieve the desired performance when you are driving. You must make sure that you inflate the tyres with air according to the general recommendations of the tire manufacturer. This will ensure that the tyres can offer consistent and reliable performance for a long time.