In the market for a pair of comfortable yet fashionable pants? Want the style without the discomfort that comes with it? Take a look at Cotton On. Considered to be reliably fashionable as well as affordable, Cotton On Philippines is a great place if you’re looking for lounging pants that still look good when going out. Read more about Cotton On pants below.


The Hottest Cotton On Pants in Philippines

Cotton On is the Number 1 choice for comfort vs style at inexpensive prices, it maintains a reputation for delivering clothes according to the latest styles and trends, ensuring that if you shop with Cotton On, you’ll be able to stay fashion-forward with just a single visit to their online shop.

Cotton On Philippines – The Story So Far

Cotton On’s story starts in the late eighties – the glorious age of lycra and leg warmers – when the founder of Cotton On, Nigel Austin, was 18. As a youth, he’d learned about the manufacturing and importing business from his father in Hong Kong, where his family had links to the always necessary rag trade. Armed with nothing but a pile of highly fashionable acid wash sample jackets entrepreneurial young Nigel Austin took to the streets of Beckley Market in Geelong and established a little shop to sell his wares.

Success didn’t come easily, however, as while he had plenty of lookers he had no takers. He persevered despite his lack of profit and decided to talk to his father for some advice, and the advice must’ve been pretty good because Nigel Austin went on to have a eureka moment and promptly returned to Becker Market with a plan. He used the same concept acid wash jackets but this time he sold them for lower prices. Luckily for him, and for the rest of the fashion world, he sold out instantly, kickstarting the rest of his career.

In 1992 he was joined by his cousin, Ashley Hardwick, during his first year out of school, and the two of them still co-own the company to this day.

Women’s Trousers; Men’s Chinos

For many clothing lines, there is a distinct difference between pants that are comfortable and pants that look good, making it a tough choice on whether to go Casual Friday or trendsetter on those days where getting dressed is a struggle. At Cotton On Philippines, the line in the sand between comfort and style is pretty much dashed through as they churn out more and more pants and slacks that manage to be paragons of style and comfort, suitable for whatever mood you’re feeling like.

The most popular types of pants available at Cotton On are for women are slacks, dress pants, and casual pants while for men are chino pants, trackies, and khaki dress pants. The best thing about Cotton On pants is that you can create all sorts of looks depending on your style and personality.

Cotton On – Celebrity Endorsed

What's more about Cotton On is that it’s totally affordable but it still looks chic. Cotton On pretty much appeals to everyone, no matter their age or weight or even if they’re celebrities. Notably, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, models and TV stars, were seen wearing the brand, and even America’s Sweetheart Taylor Swift was seen wearing the brand. If anything, that tells you that you can’t go wrong shopping at Cotton On.