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Buffet 101 Promo

Enhance your gastronomical experience with Buffet 101 Philippines and their vast array of gourmet dishes from all around the world. Open for lunch, dinner, and some drinks, you and your friends can enjoy premium service, big portions, and all you can eat buffet featuring the best dishes both locally and internationally. Read more below on how you can redeem your Buffet 101 coupons.

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Buffet 101
20% off
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Get 20% off total bill discount fro 30-50 pax

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Buffet 101 Coupon Terms
Expiry31 Dec 2017
Offer20% off
Applicable onBuffet 101's big group promo
Buffet 101
Free 1 buffet
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Get 1 free buffet during your month of birth. Visit Buffet 101's closet branch

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Buffet 101 Coupon Terms
Expiry31 Dec 2017
OfferFree 1 buffet
Applicable onBuffet 101's birthday treat
Buffet 101
50% off
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Get 50% off for senior citizen at Butfet 101. Reverse now

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Buffet 101 Coupon Terms
Expiry31 Dec 2017
Offer50% off
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Customer typeSenior Citizens

Dine Like A King with Buffet 101 Coupons

Whether you had a long day at the office or in school, everything gets better with a plate of your favorite dish. Food is a way to satiate the mind, soul, as well as the stomach, and we Filipinos are all about filling in the latter. To satisfy that craving, all-you-can-eat buffets are a sure-fire destination for many Filipinos. With that comes Buffet 101 and their exciting array of cuisines from your local favorites to all-new international flavors, served in a five-star manner. Enjoy a sumptuous feast at Buffet 101 with your friends and family, while enjoying big discounts!

The Beauty of Buffet 101

When it comes to buffets, Filipinos would be all up on it like rice on a budol fight, and one of the biggest buffets in the Philippines is Buffet 101. Serving you your favorite local and international cuisines with five-star service, classy ambiance, and fresh ingredients, Buffet 101 is a foodie’s destination filled with Asian and Western delights, seafood, cold cuts, assorted meat, soup, salad, and exotic desserts from all over the globe. Tasty, flavorful, and best of all, all-you-can-eat, nothing grabs attention than filling your tastebuds with a smorgasbord of palettes from different countries around the globe.

Buffet 101 Branches in the Philippines

Fine dining has never been this wild! Buffet 101 Philippines has different branches to ensure that every Filipino gets a taste of the world’s best flavors!

  • Buffet 101 Glorietta
  • Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia
  • Buffet 101 Moa
  • Buffet 101 Eastwood
  • Buffet 101 Makati

And their newest branch in Cebu! Now every Filipino can taste the flavorful dishes of the world with Buffet 101!

Buffet 101 Promotions for everyone!

When you put “buffet” and “promotion” in the same sentence, everyone just goes crazy! Buffet 101 gives you premium discounts so that you, your friends, and your family can enjoy a sumptuous feast! Here are some of Buffet 101’s best promotions that everyone can get!

Buffet 101 Birthday Promo

Celebrate your whole birthday month with Buffet 101’s Birthday promo! Bring your friends and family along and dine with the finest birthday feast you could ever prepare. You could even dine for free on your birthday! All you need to do is bring a birth certificate or a valid ID with your birthday and picture on it, and eat like there’s no tomorrow!

Buffet 101 Big Group Promo

Eating together is the best bonding moment you could ever do with your squad, your workmates, or your closest friends and family! With Buffet 101, you can get discounts of up to 25% off on your total bill of up to 30 to 50 people at a time! Now that’s one big discount for one big group!

Buffet 101 Elderly Promo

Who says only young kids can enjoy a buffet? Bring your lolo and lola to Buffet 101 and get up to 50% discount for individuals 70 years or older on selected stores. Like the birthday promo, be sure to bring a valid ID for applicable individuals.

Buffet 101 Anniversary Promo

Looking for ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Nothing brings to people together than their love for food! Take your spouse to a gastronomic feast with Buffet 101’s anniversary promo with up to 50% discount on your total bill (depending on how many years you have been married). To grab this promo, simply bring your spouse and a marriage certificate and get ready for a wonderful feast!

Buffet 101 Graduation Promo

Finishing school is one thing but finishing your last plate is another with Buffet 101’s Graduation promo as a salute to fresh graduates of today! Dine with nine of your friends and family and get a free lunch! This promo is one of Buffet 101’s annual promotions that happen sometime in March to commemorate graduation rites in the Philippines!

How to redeem Buffet 101 Coupons and Promos

When redeeming coupons from Buffet 101 Philippines, the first thing that you need to do is differentiate a coupon and promotions. Promotions are more permanent just like the ones that you see above, while coupons are redeemable and have an expiration date. However, here are some things that you need to keep in mind when redeeming Buffet 101 coupons:

  1. You can redeem your Buffet 101 coupons by copying the coupon code, pasting it on the discount box from a coupon website, and making payment.
  2. You can then print out your confirmation and present them to any participating Buffer 101 branch.
  3. When checking out Buffet 101 coupons, always check the validity of the said coupon or if you are eligible for the offer.
  4. Before heading over to any Buffet 101 branch, make sure to create a reservation by calling ahead.
  5. By the time you head to the restaurant, make sure to bring your printed copy to the restaurant beforehand.
  6. If you are planning on cancelling your reservation, give at least one day’s notice.

Most Buffet 101 promotions are not valid on public holidays and other occasions so always check the fine print to avoid any misunderstandings.

More Info on Buffet 101

As Buffet 101 does not have an official website, you can get the latest deals on the Buffet 101 Facebook page. It is updated daily so you get a steady stream of promotions you and the whole family can take advantage of. The screenshot below shows more details should you need to contact the restaurant.

And there you have it! Check out the hottest coupons from Buffet 101 and enjoy a gastronomic feast from the finest flavors all over the globe!