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Have you ever wanted to personalize your child’s storybooks? Well, now you can. With I See Me in The Philippines, you can personalize books for your little ones at great discounts. Check out I See Me coupons in The Philippines below or find out more here.

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Have you ever wanted to personalize your child’s storybooks? Well, now you can. With I See Me in The Philippines, you can personalize books for your little ones at great discounts. Check out I See Me coupons in The Philippines below or find out more here.

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Personalize children’s books with I See Me Coupons in The Philippines

Reading is the best way to build a child’s mind. Creativity is sparked with the development of reading, grammar and a good command of language. Reading is also the best way to impart wisdom to a child. But what if you could personalize books for your kids? What if your child could learn based on his or her own name and character? Thankfully, I See Me in The Philippines is here to save the day with coupons and awesome discounts in The Philippines for personalized books today. There’s no better way to invest in your child’s learning than to go for I See Me books. Give the very best to your little ones with I See Me books available online. Want to know more? Follow the links below to find out how you can redeem amazing coupons on I See Me products.

I See Me’s journey in customizing children’s books

In May of the year 2000, co-founders of I See Me, Maia and Allan Haag started a business to produce customizable children’s books. These books can be personalized for each child, anywhere in the world. This husband-wife team started got the idea when they personalized a book for their son in 1998. Their goal for I See Me was to develop educational books for children with vivid illustrations to capture the child’s imagination and stimulate a healthy mental development. Allan’s experience as a graphic designer enabled the couple to hire an illustrator for the book. Allan also designed the book interface. Over the years, as more people heard about I See Me, the venture grew in demand. Thus, I See Me grew in popularity with each year until even celebrity endorsements were made possible. Hollywood celebrities such as Jessica Alba (Into the Blue) and Courtney Cox (Friends) have also taken a liking to I See Me and have customized I See Me books for their children’s learning.

I See Me gift combinations

I See Me is not just for the rich and famous. Its customizable books can be ordered from anywhere around the world. The founders understand that education should be personalized for each child. Therefore, I See Me is made available for children all over the globe. I See Me gift combinations make the best choices in children’s personalized books and gifts. You can choose I See Me gift combinations based on a few categories:

  • Baby
  • Girls
  • Boys
  • Birthday
  • Gift Occasions
  • Theme

Each of these can be customized to suit your child or the child you choose to present the gift to. Each book is choc-a-block full of creative and colourful illustrations to captivate the little one’s attention while bringing a valuable lesson. For example, instead of the ordinary child story “Night Before Christmas”, you can customize it to “Emily’s Night Before Christmas” specially for Emily. Don’t stop there, add some pictures of your little one to bring the story closer to home. Fond memories await as your children read through each adventure of theirs in the form of stories. Teach your child to read, associate pictures with concepts, connect with the outside world and build creative and critical thinking with I See Me books.

How to redeem I See Me coupons online

Now that you know a bit more about I See Me in Philippines, you will want to purchase these cute and exciting books for your little ones at affordable prices. But first, you’ll have to know how to obtain I See Me coupons from online stores. One simple step is to click on selected coupons on iprice’s I See Me coupons page. This will lead you to the I See Me website. From there, simply follow the steps below to redeem your coupon:

  1. Create an account with I See Me. You can login via Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.
  2. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly before taking on any purchase.
  3. Sign up for email updates, birthday reminders and future gift certificates.
  4. Browse I See Me website to select and customize your child’s book. It’s best to have photos and details of your child’s favorite toys, valuables and experiences close by.
  5. Once customized, take a virtual tour of the book that you have made. Certain books are unisex while some others are assigned to gender. So be choosy when picking out a story. If you have any further questions about anything, you can check out the FAQ page on the I See Me website. Another option would be to contact customer service at for more information.
  6. Double check the payment amount and proceed to checkout. Purchases can be made in USD so take note of currency differences. Shipping costs will vary with the choice of customized end product and country to deliver to, so take note of shipping fees.
  7. Paste in the copied coupon code or gift certificate number to redeem your discount. Make your purchase. Purchases can be made via credit card and PayPal.
  8. Wait for your I See Me purchase to be delivered. You can have it delivered to your residence or anyone else’s residence.

I See Me Coupons online with iprice

Let’s close with an overview of I See Me coupons online. You’ll be able to find the best in I See Me coupons for customizable children’s books right here on iprice. Some types of I See Me coupons available are such as:

  • 20% discount off your next purchase when you sign up at I See Me
  • $29.99 discount value on your first purchase

There are many more like these available as time goes by. Just remember to save the page for future reference. What are you waiting for? Get going on a personalized book for your little one right now and you can save big bucks. Shop on iprice for the best in I See Me coupons today. Happy shopping!