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Crescent MG38-BK 38" Acoustic Guitar Starter Package, Black (Includes TM Digital E-Tuner)
₱ 6,092.00
This beautiful Crescent 38" Acoustic Guitar beginner set in Black is ideal for the beginner student! The Acoustic Guitar has a loud and bright ringing tone that clearly projects to the listener. The steel string Guitar is perhaps the most versatile and common Guitar type and is featured in many different styles of music including Country, Jazz, and Rock. This steel string Guitar is 38 inches in length and has a wood frame. The Guitar also features linden binding and geared tuning. The tuning pegs are made of brass and steel for ease of tuning and to keep the tuned strings held in position. This Acoustic Guitar set also features everything you need to get started with your Guitar. The set includes a full set of extra strings, gig bag, carrying strap, Guitar pick, and pitch pipe tuner. This Acoustic Guitar set makes a great gift and is a great value for the money! Also for a limited time, receive a bonus CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner with your purchase!
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Crescent MG38-SB 38" Acoustic Guitar Starter Package, Sunburst (Includes TM Digital E-Tuner)
₱ 6,478.00
Everything you need to start jamming out at an amazing low price! Learn how to play acoustic guitar and start jamming like a pro in no time.Why spend more than you have to for just learning an instrument? This guitar is the perfect way to help your young one figure out and start learning without hurting your wallet. This Crescent Guitar Kit is one of the most popular starter kits and will not let you down for the value!
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*Prices updated on 16 Oct 2017

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