Learning to play the guitar is an incredibly exciting hobby to take on. There are many types of guitars, from classical to electric guitars and each type has its own unique way of expressing sound. Learn more about D&D guitars below.


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Types of D&D Guitars: What You Need to Know

The word ‘guitar’ means something different to everyone. It could be the roar of a Les Paul electric through a Marshall guitar amp, the delicate fingerpicking of a seasoned classical player, or the resonant strum of a steel-string acoustic around a campfire. Yes, the world of guitar is rich and varied and encompasses a host of instruments that span a range of genres and timbres.

Acoustic Guitars

Unlike electric guitars, which can be manipulated tonally with pedals and gizmos, an acoustic pumps out a sound fueled by its dimensions and body woods. That means you need to know what tone you want before you buy an acoustic.

Electric Guitars

Solid-body guitars are tough, easy to transport and comfortable to play. You can tailor their sounds to your heart’s content with effects. Even if you’re not cool, a great-looking guitar can sort that out for you. There’s access to an incredible array of solid-body guitars, try out as many as you can. That’s where you find out whether you like a fat, thin or medium neck or the sound of single coils or humbuckers.

Lapsteel/Pedal Steel

Like its name suggest, lap steel is played face-up on your upper legs while you’re sitting down. It’s basically a board with strings running from one end to the other. The action or string height is high and requires that the thing is played with a slide or solid metal tone bar. These things are often referred to as Hawaiian guitars thanks to the style of music that brought them to prominence.

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