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How to paint the exterior of the house? | The Davies Paint products


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Initially named Charter Chemical & Coating Corp. the Davies Paint Philippines began its operations in 1982. Over the years Davies Pain had continued to produce high quality, innovative and pioneering paint such as Biofresh+, the first local odourless and anti-bacterial paint; Clean Air, the first anti-formaldehyde paint; and Aqua Gloss-It, the first water-based quick-drying enamel paint.

How to paint the exterior of the house?

Pressure wash all the walls from the outside of the house to remove dirt and stains. If there are any damages to the exterior of the house repair it accordingly. Cover the ground with a cloth or tarp and remove any chipped or loose paint using a sanding block or a scraper. Use a primer on any stubborn stains and then cover lights and windows and any part of the house that you do not want to paint. Nest commence painting, use a sprayer for easy coverage. Use a primer if changing the coat colour from dark to light or from light to dark.

How to paint the interior?

Clear out all furniture etc that can be moved. Cover the rest and the floor with newspaper or any form of covering material such as tarp or plastic. Apply mask tape on sockets and trims and secure the rest of the covering with masking tape as well. Remove chipped paint, hooks and nails from the wall. Use putty to cover holes and cracks. Once the putty is dry sand it till it is smooth. Wipe the walls with water and start painting once dried.

Davies Paint Products

  • Decorative: Interior, Exterior, Metal, Floor Coating, Wood, Surface Preparation solutions.
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Marine Coatings
  • Speciality finish: Metallic finishes, matte finish etc.
  • Construction Chemicals: quality sealants and adhesives, skim coatings, waterproofing solutions.

How to combine colours?

Davies Paints provides a large variety of colours to choose from to paint your home. The first thing to understand is the Primary colours and secondary colours. Primary colours consist of blue, red and yellow. Secondary colours are made with primary colours, these are the colours in between. For example red and blue make violet, blue and yellow make green, and yellow and red make orange.

A monochromatic colour scheme is using the same colour with different hues, tints, shades and tones. For example, a monochromatic theme in blue may include royal blue, baby blue and sky blue. You can choose similar themes from the colour options of Davies Paint.

The analogous theme is colours that are next to each other. For example, you can choose blue/ blue-green/blue-violet sets from the colours offered by Davies Paints Philippines.

When painting your house in the complimentary theme, Davies Paints Philippines offers their primary+secondary colours. For example, red/green, yellow/violet, and blue/orange can be used for this theme.