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Introduction to Dell

Dell is a multinational computer technology company that was founded by Michael Dell on February 1, 1984. The company’s headquarters is located in Round Rock, Texas. With over 138,000 employees working for the company, Dell is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Dell manufactures, sells, repairs, and supports personal computers, servers, computer software, computer peripherals, and so much more.

The Dell Story

In 1984, Micheal Dell founded the company at the age of 19 with a starting capital of $1000 from his family. The company – known then as PC’s Limited – sold IBM PC compatible computers. Being a student of the University of Texas, he operated the company from his dormitory room.

Breakthrough and Continuous Expansion

The first breakthrough came in July 1985 when the company produced its first self-designed computer, the 10-megabyte Turbo PC, which was sold at $795. Thanks to a positive article in PC Week, the company managed to sell 1,000 machines per month. Seeing the impressive sales of the machines, Michael’s family proceeded to lend him another $500,000 to fund the continued growth of the company which Michael repaid in 1986. In late 1986, the company started its operations from an 82,000-square foot factory in North Austin.

By early 1987, Dell’s factory was producing about 7,000 computers per month, each built to match customers’ specifications. In the same year, the company recorded $70 million in annual sales and $2.1 million in net income, representing approximately 1% of market share. It was in 1988 that the company changed its name from PC’s Limited to Dell Computer Corporation.

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When laptops and computers are concerned, Dell Philippines is one of the biggest brands in the industry. Be it for general computing, entertainment, or business purposes, Dell has a device that suits your needs. Read more about Dell Philippines' diverse selection of laptops and computers below.

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Enjoy a realistic pen on paper experience while writing on a high resolution tablet or notebook screen with the Dell Active Pen. Whether you're taking notes, creating artwork or checking your email, this pen provides a natural writing feel and quick, effortless interaction with your screen. Your overall productivity will benefit thanks to the high performance features of the Dell Active Pen. With quick launch, one click opens OneNote, even with system locked, for note-taking (but does not unlock the system). Two clicks (with system unlocked) takes a screen shot and pastes into OneNote. The Active Pen is designed to work flawlessly with Windows 10 programs and will make daily tasks easier on your Dell 2-in-1 tablet. Designed with technology from Wacom, a global leader in digital interface technologies, the Dell Active Pen offers high precision and accuracy, sensing 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. Draw straight or curved lines and detailed small letters (3mm) without the hassle of distortion or smudging. With palm rejection, you won't have to worry about potential errors caused by your palm resting on the tablet. Draw lines that vary from thick to thin and dark to light, for richer graphical expression, as the Active Pen senses the pressure on the tip. The Active Pen rests easily in your hand, thanks to weighted hand balancing and a design that takes your comfort into account. Plus, the small size and convenient pen clip make the Active Pen your essential, grab-and-go accessory. The Dell Active Pen is compatible with select Dell branded notebooks and tablets. The Active Pen also has an LED light to show pairing status-blinking to show pairing mode and shining solid when pairing is complete. Read more
*Prices updated on 23 Aug 2017

Dell’s Computers and Laptops that You Should Know About

Dell has become a household name amongst Filipinos when it comes to top-quality computers and laptops. From lightweight laptops to 2-in-1 computers, Dell Philippines has a device in its inventory that can cater to your needs. Combining cutting-edge technology, high-quality hardware, and excellent customer service, Dell Philippines’s range of laptops and desktops stake a strong claim on the list of hardware that you should have.

In these modern times that we are living in today, laptops and computers have become indispensable tools in our daily lives. Dell Philippines ensures that you get your technological fix with its wide selection of laptops and computers. Infusing the latest technologies into its products, Dell Philippines ensures that you are always one step ahead than others. Dell Philippines markets specific brand names to different market segments to ensure that its products gained greater reach and exposure amongst customers. Amongst Dell Philippines’s noteworthy brands are:

Dell Alienware Series

If you are looking for a high-performance gaming system, look no further than Dell Philippines’s Alienware series, as it is Dell Philippines’s premier gaming brand. The products in this category can be easily distinguished by its alien-themed designs and carbon-fiber material that adds classiness to the aesthetics of the products. Specially designed to deliver flawless performance at breakneck speeds, the Alienware series have been featured in many global e-sports tournaments and gaming competitions, playing a monumental part in the development of the e-sports scene today.

Thanks to their ability to provide superior audio quality, immersive graphics, and full-throttle performance, Dell Philippines’s Alienware are immensely popular amongst Filipinos and have left a deep impression amongst the gaming community worldwide.

Dell Latitude Series

Dell Philippines fully understands that different target demographics will have their own respective needs and criteria that they are looking for in a laptop. The Latitude laptop family is Dell’s answer to individuals looking for a business-focused laptop. The Latitude line is designed in a way that it simplifies maintenance and support tasks for large corporations. Moreover, the Latitude models have a durable build that allows them to withstand drops and severe impacts.

Being the business-centric laptops that they are, they also have advanced security and business-oriented features such as smart card and contactless smart card and TPM security. Furthermore, other distinctive characteristics that are featured on Dell’s Latitude laptops to meet the requirements of the business market include lid clasps (instead of a magnetic latching system), DisplayPort video out (as opposed to HDMI), and support for legacy standards.

Dell XPS Series

The Dell XPS (short for Xtreme Performance System) is a high-end line designed to cater to consumers looking for gaming and high-performance laptops. The XPS line has existed in Dell’s inventory since 1993, a period when Dell was more focused on corporate businesses than consumers. When they were introduced, the XPS systems were the first to adopt the latest PC technology available at that time, enabling the product line to win over 100 magazine reviews and covers. The XPS legacy continues today, sporting the highest resolution displays, exceptional build quality, and powerful features – all packed into a single device.

Dell Inspiron Series

The Dell Inspiron is a computer product line that is targeted at entry-level consumers. These laptops are ideal doe individuals who are looking for laptops and computers with basic features sufficient for them to complete their everyday tasks. Earlier models in this product line were equipped with Mobile Celeron or Mobile Pentium II processors and SDRAM. Inspiron models today are priced affordably and are available in the form of laptops, desktops, or 2-in-1s. Although they do not have the most advanced specifications, Dell Inspiron laptops are still able to offer versatile everyday computing needs. End your search for a powerhouse laptop with Dell Philippines’s XPS models.

Dell Chromebooks Series

The Internet is undoubtedly part and parcel of our daily lives, hence rapid Internet connectivity is a key feature that many users look for in laptops today. To improve your productivity throughout the day, Dell Philippines’s Chromebook family of laptops offer affordable and secure laptops for you to gain easy connection to Google productivity apps in the cloud within seconds.

Brief Introduction to Dell Philippines

Named after its founder, Michael Dell, Dell is one of the biggest multinational information technology company in the world with over 138,000 employees working for the company. Dell manufactures, sells, repairs, and supports personal computers, servers, computer software, computer peripherals, printers, and many more. Dell has managed to record an impressive 15.9% market share worldwide in the first quarter of 2017, hence being acknowledged as the third largest PC vendor in the world, further solidifying its position as one of the leading brands in the industry.

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