Denon Philippines is a Japanese electronics company that specializes in the production and marketing of professional and consumer level audio equipment. Denon has many years of experience in being in the audio industry, and they produce one of the best sounding audio equipment out there: Products such as AV receivers, amplifiers, headphones and earphones are all of Denon's speciality. So if you want great sound, go Denon.

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Who is Denon?

Denon is a rather well-known Japanese electronics company that is strongly focused on audio equipment. They manufacture a lot of high-fidelity professional audio equipment, as well as consumer-grade audio equipment. Denon is also one of the few companies involved in the early stages of development of digital audio technology.

The history of Denon

Denon was first established in 1910 as part of a corporation that manufactures single-sided disc records and gramophones known as the Nippon Chikuonki Shokai (Japan Recorders Corporation). Denon was originally known as Nippon Denki Onkyo, which was then shortened to DEN-ON for easier reference. The name Denon was only later on ultimately chosen as the result of a merger of other companies: The brand of Denon itself was actually only officially established in 1947 when Nippon Columbia merged with Japan Denki Onkyo. All these companies specialized in producing audio products, including a merger between Denon and Marantz Japan, which resulted in the creation of D&M Holdings Inc.

Denon today specializes in many forms of audio equipment for both professional and consumer use such as home cinema and audio equipment. These types of equipment include equipment such as A/V (audio/visual) receivers, Blu-ray players, headphones, and music systems. All these audio equipment of Denon has put them at one of the world's top audio equipment brands today.

Why choose Denon Philippines as your audio brand?

  • Denon produces many high-fidelity audio equipments, and for that kind of quality, they have to utilize a lot of high-quality components to manufacture their audio equipment. Denon put a lot of high-end components into their products to ensure that they perform and sound well.
  • Their audio equipment features their signature tuned the sound to bring out the best in every aspect of sound and music, bringing forth all the details in music that you never knew existed before.
  • The enclosures and headphone cases are all well designed. Each product from Denon has stylish and classy designs that bring out a very luxurious touch and feel to their products. This level of design goes hand in hand with the fantastic and premium sound quality one expects from Denon.
  • Some Denon headphones also have very intuitive features such as memory foam ear pads that mold to the shape of the user's ears after prolonged use. Some Denon headphones also feature built-in amplifiers in the headphones to give the much-needed boost to their music and enhance the listening experience.

    Denon Philippines products

    Many think of audio products as very simple things that do not require much to sound good, but that is a notion that is very wrong. Although there are lower and higher end audio products, not all are the same. Denon audio products are usually priced on the higher end and sound really fantastic compared to many other lesser brands.

    Denon Philippines earphones

    These are probably the most common Denon products consumers will see and find on the shelves in stores. Earphones are also the most common audio products a person will find just about anywhere. There are generally two different types of earphones, but Denon only makes in-ear earphones which are earphones that reach into the ear canal to provide a seal of sorts that will provide with noise cancellation, which also gives a much better sounding experience as earphone drivers are smaller. Some Denon in-ear earphones also have an in-line microphone so that the users can use it alongside with their smartphones or tablets. Here are some Denon earphones:

    • AH-C400: Armature drivers with a flatter tune
    • AH-C260R: Mobile in-ear earphones with in-line microphone and controls
    • AH-C100: Urban Raver in-ear earphones with a focus on bass
    • AH-C250: Music Maniac in-ear earphones with a strong focus on flat and high frequencies

      Denon Philippines headphones

      Denon headphones are usually placed rather high on the pricing spectrum, but for good reason. They are comfortable and they usually sound really amazing, especially with the specially tuned larger drivers on each side of the headphones. Denon headphones also have memory foam paddings on either side of the earcups for better comfort during prolonged use. Besides that, their headbands are also made of the same type of foam, including the lightweight feeling of the headphones, make longer use of the headphone a very comfortable experience. Some of the headphones even have built-in amplifiers to further drive and enhanced the sounds for the headphone. Some Denon headphone models include:

      • AH-D600 Music Maniac audiophile-grade headphones that sound so incredible Denon claims you'll listen to it over and over again
      • AH-D400 Urban Raver powerful bass headphones with built-in amplifier
      • AH-MM400 Reference quality headphone
      • AH-MM200 Portable headphones that can be folded for storage

        Denon Philippines Home Theatre solutions

        Denon also manufactures a lot of audio equipment for a larger group of people instead of the common personal audio equipment such as home theatre audio. Denon produces a variety of home theatre items such as A/V receivers, Blu-Ray players, and speakers. A perfect home theatre audio setup requires quite a variety of different devices.

        Denon's AV receivers act as a hub for many different inputs from devices and then outputs it to the television display and to a speaker set. An optional Denon AV amplifier may be necessary to further power external speakers and to make the sounds much richer.

        Denon also has a soundbar for those who want great sound but without the fuss of having to deal with so many cables and gadgets placed all over the place. But for those who truly want a 5.1 surround sound system, Denon has got one too! These are some of Denon's home theatre solutions:

        AV Receivers

        • AVR-X7200WA
        • AVR-X7200W
        • AVR-X6200W

        Blu-Ray/Universal Players

        • DBT-3313UD
        • DBT-1713UD
        • DBP-2012UD

        Home Theatre Systems

        • DHT-S514 sound bar with sub-woofer
        • DHT-T100
        • SYS-5.1 surround sound speaker system

                  If you are looking for great sounding earphone, headphones or want to give your home television speakers an upgrade, you cannot go wrong with Denon Singapore. They may be expensive, but you will always get what you pay for with Denon Singapore.