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Nothing beats a warming smile and that small bit of sparkle that comes off of bright and clean teeth. Take care of your teeth, people! Here we will be briefing you on what dental care is about and how you can keep that smile clean and bright. You can scroll down now.

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Top Dental Care Price List 2018

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Oral-B B1010 ₱ 5,254.00 Lazada
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Oral-B Professional Care 500

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Dental Care: A Smile That Brightens Up a Day Needs Care That Lasts For Days

  • What Dental Care is All About
  • How To Get That Gloriously Sunny Smile
  • Three Times A-brushing A Day, Keeps Your Smile Looking A-okay!

What Dental Care is All About

Well, you learn to brush your teeth fairly early in your life. It has (supposed to by now) become a habit of sorts. Some people can even walk into the bathroom, grab their toothbrush, squeeze toothpaste on it, and start (and finish!) brushing their teeth. If that is not a talent, we don't know what is!

Back to business, dental care is all about taking care of what is in your mouth. Yes, you guessed it--it includes your tongue, roof and sides of mouth, your gums, and even your throat! Well, not all of it downwards--you get what we mean.

Caring about your dental health and hygiene is not only about just brushing your teeth. It should and must include scraping your tongue, brushing against the roof and sides of the mouth, flossing, and even gargling of mouthwash. We want our breath to smell good and our gums to look good whilst out teeth looking good. Come on, who doesn't fall in love with that guy or girl whose smile just melts you because of all the sparkle they make.

Now, let's get to the more technical parts of dental care.

How To Get That Gloriously Sunny Smile

First and foremost, make sure you have good lighting. Proper brushing and dental hygiene requires one to have a clear view of one's mouth. Secondly, follow these three steps to a healthy mouth:

  1. Brush everyday (at least twice a day. Yes, twice)
  2. Floss every day (with proper floss, not with a plastic straw or a piece of thread you found on the ground!)
  3. Visit a dentist regularly (emphasis on the regularly. Go twice a year, at the very least)

Now, you might be asking, "What kind of toothbrush should I use?", "What kind of toothpaste?", or "How long should the floss be?". Well, it all depends on each individual. If you have soft, sensitive gums, you should go for toothbrushes that have soft brushes and toothpaste that are not too strong. If you are hardcore like some of us, you go medium harshness of brush with heavily minted toothpaste that has dental floss alread with it. Now that is hardcore!

But all joking's aside, refer to your (regularly visited) dentist to get in-depth advice on what type of dental hygiene products you should purchase and use. Not only doctors save lives, you know. Dentists save your life from a life of shame and embarrassment.

Three Times A-brushing A Day, Keeps Your Smile Looking A-okay!

If you eat three times a day, you should brush three times a day. It's that simple! Imagine the food that you ate and some of them would get stuck in your teeth and you don't brush your teeth and the stuck food will remain there until the morning and when you wake up, you can still taste the food. We don't know about you, but that is completely gross.

Brush your teeth with the right dental hygiene products, people. A shining smile could literally make someone's day. You should smile now and while doing that, scroll back up, and do yourself a favor and purchase a toothbrush, some toothpaste, some dental floss, and some mouthwash. We'd like to see you smile one day, in person, and we hope we'll need sunglasses.

Happy shopping! And remember to floss!