Televisions have come a long way since its black-and-white days. With the advancement of modern technology, televisions produced today can deliver clear and immersive visual quality to users. LED televisions are one of the results of the modernization of televisions. Read more about Devant LED TVs, or check out the price list below.

What Are LED TVs?


Devant Smart TV FAQs

What Are LED TVs?

LED TVs are different from TVs with standard cold-cathode fluorescent lights. There are typically two types of LED-backlit LCD TVs: Edge-lit and full array. As the name suggests, edge-lit LED TVs are designed with a row of light-emitting diodes around the perimeter. On the other hand, LED televisions comprise a panel of LED lights that are placed behind the screen that illuminates the entire image.

How much is a Devant TV?

The lowest prices for Devant LED TVs can be found at leading online retailers like Shopee and Lazada. The brand also offers other products, such as audio systems and peripherals.


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