Streetwear and urban lifestyle has never been the same with Diesel Singapore. While the brand is most commonly known for its wide array of jeans, Diesel also has sets of watches for men and women. Take a quick look at available watches online or click here to know more about Diesel watches.


Exciting Time Pieces by Diesel Philippines

The very definition of streetwear, Diesel is perhaps one of the most popular clothing brands today. Established by Renzo Rosso in the late 70s, the brand has been nothing but a great influence in fashion. Diesel created some of the most popular jean designs including Diesel Zathan and Thanaz for men, and Matic, Lowky, and Liv for women. While this Italian brand is well-known for making iconic jeans, the brand also boasts its collection of watches which are excellent fashion accents.

Diesel watches for men and women

If you are looking for a fine watch that would go well with any outfit, then a Diesel watch would be perfect for you. The brand gives you a great selection of time pieces for men and women. Characterized by its strong, bold, and modern designs, Diesel watches are a great addition to your outfit. It adds edge to your #OOTD on top of being a top-rated watch.

Diesel watches for women
The combination of classic and modern style, Diesel watches for women range from simple to elaborate designs with robust features. Featuring sleek leather, rose-gold metal clashing with industrial casings, Diesel watches for women are definitely an eye-catching accessory that every fashionista must have.
Diesel watches for men
Show your masculinity with a wide range of Diesel watches for men. The brand offers a great selection of men’s watches which features bold, elaborate designs. From chronograph to analogue, Diesel watches has biker style elements which gives its strong style. Made from stainless steel and leather, you can never go wrong with choosing a watch from Diesel Philippines.

Reasons why you should get a Diesel watch

Diesel has some of the most amazing collections of watches online. From strong pieces to simple and elegant watches, you would certainly find the perfect one for you. Here are great reasons why you should get a Diesel watch:

  • There’s not a better accessory than a Diesel watch, in both fashion and functionality.
  • When you own a diesel watch, you don’t have to look at your phone every once in a while to keep track of time.
  • While some of us use our phones to tell time, there will be times where it is not convenient to do so. Having a Diesel watch just gives you the liberty to simply turn to your wrist to tell time.
  • A Diesel watch is durable and can last more than cheap brands, saving you more money in the long run.

Different types of Diesel watches online

Diesel Philippines has a great array of watches for men and women. You would love their collections of straps, chronograph, and analogue watches. Take a quick look at their collections below or check out other great watch brands such as Invicta, Seiko, Citizen, Timex and so much more!

  • Diesel strap watches
  • Diesel Chronograph watches
  • Diesel analogue watches