There are many ways you can make use of doTERRA’s essential oils. Read more about the benefits and different applications of doTERRA Philippines essential oils here.


The Benefits of Using doTerra Philippines’s Essential Oils

Containing volatile aromatic compounds, an essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid that is obtained through distillation. Since thousands of years ago, essential oils have been used in different cultures for medicinal and health purposes. The Jews and Egyptians used to make their essential oils by filtering oils that have been soaked with plants. Which is why essential oils contain the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which they are extracted from.

Available in a variety of types, essential oils have been known to provide numerous benefits. They aid in relaxation as well as curing sleeping problems. Essential oils have also been used to ward off illnesses which in turn, means less money spent on medicine and visits to the doctor. Apart from that, essential oils have been known to improve cognitive function as it is able to supercharge your brain cells – certain oils are able to give you pick-me-ups when you’re feeling depressed or even calm you down when you are stressed.

Different Ways You Can Utilize doTERRA Philippines’s Essential Oils

Still doubtful or unsure about the uses and benefits of essential oils? Written below is a guide to the many different ways you can utilize doTeERRA’s essential oils to their maximum potential.

  1. Essential oils work as an all-purpose cleaner. Just by adding three drops of lemon oil and tea tree oil to a few ounces of warm water, you can use this solution as a natural disinfectant spray. You can also remove burnt food with a few drops of lemon oil and some boiling water or get rid shower curtain mold by spraying it with a solution of four drops of eucalyptus and tea tree oil mixed into warm water.
  2. To clean the air, simply diffuse doTERRA’s cinnamon essential oil into the air with a diffuser and you will be able to enjoy clean air due to its antimicrobial properties. To make your home smell amazing instead, you can diffuse a mixture of clove, rosemary, and orange essential oils.
  3. Use it as a natural mosquito repellant. Especially useful in countries with a tropical climate, mix one drop of lemongrass, citronella, and eucalyptus oil with a teaspoon of coconut oil for your very own mosquito repellant ointment.
  4. To deal with anxiety problems, simply diffuse doTERRA’s lavender essential oil into your work or home environment to help calm you down and reduce stress.
  5. Making homemade chemical-free sunscreen. Combine helichrysum and lavender oil with coconut oil, zinc oxide, and shea butter into a squeeze bottle.
  6. Cleaning carpets. To make carpet powder, mix Borax with 20 drops of doTERRA Philippines’s tea tree oil.
  7. Can be used as a remedy for insomnia. Alleviate your sleeping problem by sprinkling a few drops of lavender essential oil onto your pillow. As an alternative, you can also diffuse lavender oil into the air while you sleep.
  8. Homemade body lotion. To make a body lotion specially catered to yourself, choose any of your favourite essential oil and add it to coconut oil, shea butter, and magnesium oil.
  9. Solution for chapped lips. A mixture of doTERRA’s lavender essential oil, coconut oil and beeswax will result in a healing balm to smoothen your chapped lips.
  10. For immediate relaxation. If you’re suddenly feeling really stressed up, this simple step can immediately put you in a more relaxed state. Simply apply two to four drops of chamomile, lavender, and peppermint essential oils directly to your temples for an instant cooling effect.
  11. Detox bath. After a long week of hustling and bustling, unwind in a warm bath to rejuvenate your body. All you need are a few drops of lavender oil, epsom salts, and sea salt.
  12. Improving a depression problem. Elevate depression and boost your mood by adding rose essential oils into your baths and air diffuser.
  13. Make your own acne facial wash. For acne-prone skin, a composition of doTERRA Philippines’s tea tree oil and raw honey has been proven to improve your skin condition.
  14. Homemade shampoo. If you have a sensitive scalp, you can make your own gentle shampoo by mixing lavender and rosemary oil with aloe vera gel and coconut milk. However, this concoction can last only for two to four weeks.
  15. To help with thinning hair problems. You can add some rosemary essential oil into your shampoo to help with thickening your hair and increasing its volume naturally.
  16. To relieve nausea. With a few drops of peppermint or ginger or lavender oil from doTERRA Philippines, you can choose to apply directly to your neck and upper chest or to rub it in between your palms and breathe through your nose to help alleviate nausea.
  17. Treating eczema or psoriasis. A few drops of lavender essential oil with shea butter is able to help you with relieving your skin problems.
  18. Improve your concentration by inhaling a mixture of bergamot, peppermint and grapefruit oil from doTERRA Philippines.

There are various other ways of utilizing doTERRA Philippines’s essential oils apart from the 18 ideas listed above. You can also explore doTERRA’s Skin Care range for more specific essential oils that can help with your skin care problems.