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Dunlop in Philippines

When we think of Dunlop, what comes to our mind? More often than not, Dunlop is the brand more commonly known for their tyres and rubber-related products. In more recent years though, Dunlop has diversified into many other industries that play a huge part in our lives. Dunlop in Malaysia is synonymous with sports gear such as badminton shoes, badminton and tennis racquets, and other sporting accessories as well as tyres for the automotive industry. The long list of products from Dunlop cannot be listed down in one seating. To really understand the brand as a whole, we need to take a look at all the extraordinary range of products from Dunlop Malaysia. Follow the links below to find out more.

Dunlop history

The roots of Dunlop as a company go way back to the 19th century. Started by a man named John Boyd Dunlop, the company delved into rubber and products made with rubber. Starting off in Australia, the company grew with the boom of the automotive industry as the demand for rubber tires for cars and other vehicles became higher. Later venturing into sports products, Dunlop became a world leader in producing gear for racquet sports such as tennis and badminton, sports shoes, and even basketball products.

Dunlop in sports

If you’re a sports person, and you love racquet sports such as badminton and tennis, you’ve definitely heard of Dunlop as a leading sports brand. Dunlop has conquered much of the market in racket sports products due to its sponsorships in sporting events as well as ground-breaking technology in sports products. Let’s look at some of the revolutionary sports products from Dunlop.

Dunlop Tennis, Squash & Badminton

Dunlop has played a huge role in the success of badminton players as well as the overall advancement of the sport all over the world. Badminton is more commonly played in Asia and more commonly in Southeast Asia. Dunlop badminton equipment starts with racquets sports equipment. You can find them online at the Dunlop racquet sports page.

Some of Dunlop’s badminton racquets include:

  • Dunlop Nitro 7 Badminton Racket
  • Dunlop Action Badminton Racket

Besides badminton, Dunlop also has a myriad of equipment for other racquet sports such as tennis and squash. Racquets, shoes, tennis and squash balls, wrist guards, knee guards and ankle guards complete the set of equipment for all your racquet sports. Check out squash rackets such as:

  • Dunlop Force Evolution 120 Squash Racket
  • Dunlop - Force Revelation 135 Squash Racket
  • Dunlop - Force Revelation 125 Squash Racket

Dunlop Golf

Another sport Dunlop is heavily involved in is golf. Golf may seem like a sport with minimal physical activity, but there is a ton of science behind every swing. A putter knows there’s more than just the quality of the golf club. The way the ball, club and player interact makes the ball fly with pinpoint accuracy. The wind’s effect on Dunlop golf equipment is reduced to a minimum. Here are some Dunlop golfing equipment you could look at:

  • Dunlop Golf Glove
  • Dunlop Club case

Dunlop Shoes

More popular than golf equipment, Dunlop shoes make great footwear for sports. Dunlop has shoes for all racquet sports and also running shoes. Dunlop running shoes provide a steady balance to any athlete with a good grip on the surface. You could also get Dunlop running shoes online without much hassle. One model you could consider would be the Dunlop DR6123 Running Shoe for men.

Dunlop health & beauty

Did you know that Dunlop also has a line of health and beauty merchandise? Yes it’s true! Dunlop health & beauty products include sunscreen and even skincare revitalising serums. You can check out Dunlop health & beauty at iPrice too.

Dunlop in automotive industry

As history has told, Dunlop started off making rubber tyres for the masses before going into any other area. One of the first companies to get into the rubber tyre business, Dunlop has had much success. Today, Dunlop tyres offer a wide selection for you to choose from. Just check out Dunlop’s selection on iPrice.

Dunlop online

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