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Dyson Appliances Price List Philippines August 2018

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Dyson V6 Grey
₱ 21,294.00
Personal Digital

Suitable for homes with pets, the Dyson V6 Animal Extra Handstick Vacuum Cleaner helps you remove stubborn dust, dirt and animal hair. Giving you the flexibility of a handheld cleaning unit with a stick attachment, you can clean various surfaces and even hard to reach areas easily. Direct Driver Cleaner Head: Complete with a direct-drive cleaner head, the Dyson V6 Animal Extra Handstick Vacuum Cleaner delivers more brush bar power compared to its predecessor. The direct-drive head works by pushing the brush bar deeper, allowing it to remove ground-in dirt more efficiently. Powerful Motor: Driven by the Dyson digital motor V6 which spins at to 110,000 times per minute, this handstick vacuum cleaner generates a powerful suction that allows in-depth cleaning of floors and carpets. It also comes with a mini motorised tool, so you can vacuum off ground-in dirt and pet hair easily. User-Friendly Operation: The Dyson V6 Animal Extra Handstick Vacuum Cleaner comes with a convenient docking station. The docking station charges and stores the cleaner along with its accessories, so you’re always ready to tackle the next cleaning task. Complete Cleaning Companion: The Dyson V6 Vacuum Cleaner comes with several accessories to make tedious cleaning tasks easier. Use the combination tool for dusting furniture and small items, use the crevice tool for cleaning tight spaces, or use the stubborn dirt brush for comprehensive carpet maintenance.

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Dyson V6 Purple
₱ 46,336.00

Tec Specs: DC59 is Dyson's latest Digital Slim cordless vacuum cleaner. It's powered by the Dyson digital motor V6, which spins up to 110,000 timesa minute - up to 3 times faster than conventional motors. This 350W motor has a higher wattage than its predecessor and contributes to the machine's ability to produce powerful suction. DC59 is the most powerful cordless vacuum. 15 cyclones, arranged across two tiers, work in parallel to capture microscopic dust. Each cyclone has been re-engineered to increase airflow and generate high centrifugal forces. Dyson engineers put the same thought into developing floor tools as Dyson cyclones. DC59 comes with the latest motorized cleaner head, engineered to be lighter and improve debris pick-up. The newly configured brush bar consists of carbon fiber filaments to remove fine dust from hard floors and nylon bristle strips to remove ground-in dirt from carpets. The cleaner head is now also wider than its predecessors, the DC35 and DC44, providing greater surface coverage. DC59 Animal also comes with a Mini motorized tool for tough tasks such as removing hair and dirt from upholstery and confined spaces. It has a run-time enhancing trigger - on when you need it, off when you don't. The trigger grip releases instantly, meaning battery power is only used for cleaning - allowing 26 minutes of cleaning time (6 minutes on boost). For fade-free power, DC59 uses a re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery, customized to deliver the level of power and battery life that the machine needs. It transmits 1.5 times more power than its predecessor.

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Dyson DC39 Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner Clearance
₱ 41,445.00

DC39 Multi Floor is a full-size Dyson canister vacuum with Ball technology for greater maneuverability. Wheeled vacuums can be awkward – heavy to pull, head the wrong way and collide with obstacles. A Dyson Ball vacuum cleans without the awkward moves, turning on the spot. DC39 Multi Floor also has a central steering mechanism for greater control. The pivot point is located near the center of the machine, so it can make tighter turning circles and more easily follows the user’s path. Dyson cyclones capture more dirt than any other. DC39 Multi floor has Radial Root Cyclone technology with remodelled airways to maximize suction power. Like all other Dyson vacuums, DC39 Multi floor doesn’t lose suction as you clean. There are no bags to replace and the lifetime filters are washable, so there are no extra costs. DC39 Multi Floor comes with a Triggerhead tool, with an air-driven rotating brush bar. It’s the only turbine head controlled at the handle- so no bending down is required. Just push the button on the handle to turn the brush bar on for high pick-up on carpets, or off for delicate rugs and hard floors. DC39 Multi Floor has been engineered for reduced noise levels with no compromise in performance. The essential components are located inside the acoustically treated ball. Patented Dyson Technology Dyson engineers are constantly testing and inventing, trying to find new ways to make their technology work better. As they work, they file patent applications to protect their inventions from copycat manufacturers. That’s why the only place you’ll find Dyson technology is inside a Dyson machine. New Radial Root Cyclone Technology Ordinary vacuum cleaners rely on bags to trap dust and dirt. As you use them, the tiny holes in the bag clog up with particles of dust. This restricts the flow of air, so the vacuum cleaner loses suction. Dyson vacuum cleaners don’t rely on bags to trap dust and dirt. They use cyclone technology, which spins the air at incredibly high speeds.The cyclones inside a Dyson vacuum cleaner generate centrifugal forces many thousands of times the force of gravity. Dust, dirt and pet hair are flung out of the airflow and straight into the bin. No bag. No loss of suction. Dyson has been continually refining cyclone vacuum technology since inventing it more than 20 years ago. DC39 Multi Floor has new Radial Root Cyclone technology. Reconfigured air channels and improved flow efficiency reduce turbulence and preserve air pressure, so that the inner cyclones can extract more microscopic particles. These refinements help remove more dirt, dust, allergens and pet hair from the airflow. Ball Technology Dyson Ball machines use Ball technology to overcome the steering limitations of fixed wheels. They ride on a ball, which turns on the spot, so you can steer with ease. The ball also holds the heaviest component (the motor) – positioned towards the base for a lower center of gravity and greater stability. The machine moves easily around obstacles, and the ball’s smooth surface means that it doesn’t dig into carpet pile. Features Triggerhead Tool: The only turbine head controlled at the handle so no bending down is required. A fingertip control switches the brush bar off for delicate rugs and hard floors, and switches it on for high pick-up on carpets. A Central Steering Mechanism: The only canister vacuum with a central steering mechanism for greater control. The cyclone pack articulates with the chassis, so it’s easy to control when moving around obstacles. Reduced Noise Levels – Ball Engineering: No compromise in performance. Essential components are located inside the acoustically treated ball. Extra Tools: DC39 Multi Floor comes with a Stair tool, and a Combination tool with a nozzle that converts to a brush tool for dusting. Clear Bin Lets You See When it Needs Emptying: The bin on a Dyson vacuum cleaner is transparent so you can see when it needs emptying – and just how much dust, dirt and pet hair your Dyson machine has picked up. Captures Allergens, Expels Cleaner Air: Dyson cyclones capture microscopic particles down to 0.5 microns in size. DC39 Multi Floor also includes a non-removable HEPA filter as an extra safeguard for allergy sufferers. It traps microscopic particles down to 1/5,000 of a pinhead, including pollen, mold and bacteria. No Extra Costs: Other vacuum cleaners are still designed to need replacement bags and filters – and the cost soon adds up. Dyson vacuum cleaners don’t need replacement bags and filters, so there are no extra costs to worry about. 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty: Your Dyson vacuum cleaner is likely to take a few knocks and bashes during everyday use – but that’s nothing compared to what Dyson puts its machines through during testing and development. All Dyson vacuum cleaners undergo a lengthy and rigorous testing program. That’s why DC39 Multi Floor comes with a 5 year warranty, parts and labor guaranteed by Dyson. Dyson Authorized Resellers on Only Dyson vacuums and fans purchased from an Authorized Reseller satisfy the quality assurance standards of Dyson and include a valid Dyson parts and labor warranty. Please see a full list of Authorized Amazon Marketplace Resellers here. DC39 Cleaner Head Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum What's In The Box? DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Operating manual Quick start guide Triggerhead tool Combination tool Stair tool Product registration card 5 year warranty Dyson Root Cyclone Technology DC39 Multi Floor DC39 Animal DC47 Animal Full Size or Compact Full Size Full Size Compact Weight 16.9 lbs 16.9 lbs 13.8 lbs Cyclone Technology Radial Root Cyclone technology Radial Root Cyclone technology Radial Root Cyclone technology Ball Technology X X X Cleaner Head Technology Triggerhead tool Triggerhead tool Triggerhead tool Engineered for Pet Hair Pick-Up X X Suitable Floor Types All All All Hose Length 10.0 ft 10.0 ft 10.0 ft Cord Length 21.7 ft 21.7 ft 16.4 ft Max Reach 32.8 ft 32.8 ft 27.3 ft Cleanerhead Width 10.4 in 10.4 in 8.4 in Bin Capacity 0.53 gal 0.53 gal 0.15 gal Bagless X X X Retractable Cord X X X HEPA Filtration X X X Suction Power 275 a/w 275 a/w 170 a/w Tools Included Combination tool, Stair tool Tangle-Free Turbine tool, Combination tool, Stair tool Tangle-free Turbine tool, Combination tool, Stair tool Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years

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Dyson Appliances Philippines

To suit your home, most Dyson Appliances are manufactured with either Yellow, Silver and Red colors. Amazingly, you can get a discount of up to 34% when you purchase Dyson Appliances online! You can find popular Dyson Appliances, such as V8, V6 and AM07. Are you looking for Dyson Appliances? You can find good products not only from Dyson Appliances but also from louis will, Bear and Hanabishi. Can you believe that Dyson Appliances is only worth ₱ 2,876.00 - ₱ 77,440.00 on iPrice Philippines?  You can find several types of Dyson Appliances online: Vacuum Cleaners, Fans and Hair Dryers choose the one that suits your needs.