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Ebene provides you with the simplest solutions to the most common discomforts. Aiming to relieve pain in your joints and muscles, Ebene products work fast and efficiently. Apart from pain-relieving products, you can also find products that support your joints and also provide you with better hygiene. Read more below!

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EBENE Shea Butter Curl Defining Cream 8 oz
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EBENE Shea Butter Hair Styling Lotion
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EBENE Coconut Curl Enhancing Custard
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EBENE Philippines: Your #1 Choice for Pain Relief and Protection

EBENE Philippines: The 7-Day Relief Wonder

Back in 1996, L. D. Waxson established a highly effective health care brand called Ebene. With the intention to provide customers with the best and effective healthcare products (that mainly focus on joint and muscle pain relief), Ebene launched itself into the race of being the leader in healthcare industry. The products from Ebene have Bio-ray energy that promotes good and proper blood and oxygen circulation in the body. This is done through the blend of natural and trace mineral elements that emit low-level radiation. This is where the magic of Ebene products come from.

Ebene roots its production and marketing beliefs in the Chinese medical system: “Good blood and oxygen circulation is most essential to health” and “Good blood and oxygen circulation causes no pain; poor circulation causes pain”.

iPrice Philippines - The Best EBENE Products You Can Find

Being most and well-known for their products that promote healing of joints and muscle pain relief, Ebene has a whole variety of products that range from loafer socks to knee guards. Here are the top ones that we think are the best:

  • Ebene Bio-Ray Loafer Socks

If you find yourself always in a standing position whether at work or at home, then you are no stranger pain, numbness, coldness, and aches in your legs. Ebene’s Bio-Ray Loafer Socks promotes better circulation of blood and oxygen to your legs (special consideration to those who like to wear high heels), eliminates odors from your feet and footwear, and they help in relieving stress and tiredness especially after long hours of walking and/or standing. These loafer socks are specially catered to the women and are especially suitable to be worn with heels and pumps.

  • Ebene Bio-Ray Knee Guard

When considering walking and standing, our knees are the top joints that do the most work and that supports us. Knee pain is very common to those who are walking and standing a lot. Ebene presents its solution to this very common problem with its Bio-Ray Knee Guard. The knee guard helps in preventing osteoporosis, relieves knee and joint pain, nourishes bones and relieves discomfort, allowing you to walk with better strength and comfort. Its water retention reduction feature helps in improving blood and oxygen circulation in the knees and legs. As an additional feature, it can also provide energy to the legs especially when you walk or move up/down the stairs.

  • Ebene Bio-Ray Multi-Purpose Gloves

Apart from our legs, we use our hands constantly during the day. From picking stuff up to cleaning ourselves to aiding our daily conversations, our hands are vital in how we survive the day. Numbness and pain in the hands are a nuisance when you want to complete our daily tasks, so Ebene came up with a solution in the form of multi-purpose gloves. Ebene’s Multi-Purpose Gloves provides relief from pain and numbness in the hands and fingers through the acupunctural and massaging features embedded in the gloves. It can also provide additional warmth so you can keep your hands from being cold, especially during sleep. Now, these gloves are perfect for three different people; people who have pain and/or in their hands and fingers, students and people who use the computer for long periods of time, and those who work mostly with their fingers and hands.

  • Ebene Bio-Ray Boost Brain Power Marvel Cap (for Students)

Catered especially for students who need that extra boost of brain power during studying and exams, Ebene’s very own Power Marvel Cap helps in improving concentration and memory. Very much like the other Bio-Ray products from Ebene, the cap acts as a stimulant to better the blood and oxygen circulation in the brain. The cap can also revitalize brain cells, promoting better memory power and retention. If you constantly find yourself to tire quickly, the cap delays the exhaustion by providing extra (and much-needed) energy. It’s simply perfect for students and children!

Now, there are even more products from Ebene that are equally good or better but the ones above are the ones of our pick. You can have your own pick from our product listing above. Ebene sets its goal to be a leader in the healthcare industry and it’s looking like it can be reached if they continue to improve their products in the long-run. But if are curious about other brands that can provide with you healthcare solutions, you can always check out brands like Aveeno, Dermalogica, and Jeunesse.

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