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There is no limit to dressing up in style, even in modest fashion. EDZ empowers women with their statement fashion pieces that have gone beyond the conventional norms. Click here to discover the house of EDZ.


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EDZ Philippines – Modern Muslimah fashion

The story of EDZ Fashion

There is no success comes overnight, the huge reputation of EDZ today is a result of countless ups and downs that the Founder, Norasurah Abd Wahab or Sue as she prefers to be called so, faced throughout the years. Back in 2008, Sue embarked on the entrepreneur journey with the establishment of EDZ as a blog shop. The shop has only 8 products which were sold out within 3 weeks, hence why the initial name “eightDesigns”.

As soon as sales picked up gradually, Sue opened EDZ Boutiques in several locations: Banda Baru Bangi, Shah Alam and Kota Bharu. However, she soon closed down the store in Kota Bharu due to slow business. Even with a few hiccups along the way, Sue never gave up on her dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur and with such ambition, dedication as well as passion, EDZ has eventually defined its position in the market.

Today, EDZ has grown into the most adored Muslimah Clothing shop online and off, under the management of Sue’s husband together with an enthusiastic team behind EDZ.

EDZ Philippines – The go-to shop for stylish Muslimah Clothing

With a tagline “Let’s Cover Up in Style”, EDZ Clothing is definitely a haven for all the hijabista! Not only will you find a massive collection of EDZ skirts, EDZ tops for Ethnic Clothing, you will also get to unleash your inner fashion goddess with EDZ’s unique hijabs and accessories.

The best thing about EDZ is that their designs are extraordinarily stylish and versatile.

This maxi Reiza dress collection is designed with hidden pockets for extra convenience, breastfeeding friendly for moms, elegant buttons sewed on the sleeves for wudhuk that add on to the dress a modern look while still maintaining the traditional modest design. Ladies who love floral pattern and sweet style should order this exclusive EDZ collection now!

Boasts some similar designs as the Reiza dress, EDZ’s Elena collection is another favourite among hijabistas. It has elasticated banding at the waist line and a lissom maxi skirt that flow elegantly as you walk. The buttons on the sleeves are the quintessence of the dress with their flower shape, giving an impression of a gentle and righteous lady.

If you prefer a bit of mix and match, EDZ tops and bottoms collection can really ignite your inner fashion designer with their modest and stylish designs. You can either go for a safe pair of the same nuance or a little bold with 2 contrasting colours. There is really no rule when it comes to defining your sense of style, even with modest fashion.

Modern designed maxi dresses, or maxi skirts and trousers paired with blouse can also make a wonderful modest Muslimah wear at EDZ. The trendiest style is definitely laced tops and Pocahontas inspired blouses.

Did you know that blazer can make a perfect garment to compliment a simple Muslimah oufit? It’s also the only thing you’d need for a more formal presence yet still comfortable and stylish. Or try pairing a fluffy maxi skirt with cinched waist in fun patterns with a monochrome, fitting top that matches your hijab, add on a few eye-catching accessories for your neck and you will surely stand out from the crowd!

A simple floral printed blouse can be paired with the same tone coloured maxi skirt and hijab. Now, it is the way you wrap your hijab matters. Read on to discover many ways of covering in style!

EDZ Hijab, scarves collection

In modest fashion world, styling with pattern designs and colours is everything. And EDZ offers just that! You will be able to find a numerous hijab designs as well as inner tube or cap that allow endless creativity for a glamorous modest look.

If you wish to pull off Muslimah wear as effortless as Malaysian singer and style icon Yuna, all you need is just a good sense of colour pairing as well as accessories on top of layering. EDZ Accessories collection also offers a wide range of accessories like belts and hijab pins. To acquire the perfect style that blends traditional modest fashion with contemporary clothing designs, you can make use of scarves for covering and decorate with a unique pin from EDZ.

Don’t limit your inner fashion connoisseur, be the envy among hijabistas with EDZ fashion house.