EKEN is a reputable name that comes to mind when talking about action cameras. It has built its reputation on providing innovative and high-tech imaging solutions for its consumers. Learn more about EKEN Philippines and its products below.

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Live Your Life on the Edge with EKEN Philippines!

In this modern era in which we are blessed with advanced technology, many companies and brands are trying to build a name for themselves in the increasingly saturated digital market. These brands are constantly trying to fully utilize these technologies to create innovative and high-tech products that will improve your way of life. EKEN is one of these brands, offering high-resolution action cameras to record all your adventuring experiences.

Trying to escape your sedentary lifestyle to add some spice to your monotonous life? Looking to embrace your adventurous side and do something exciting? Craving for an adventure to get your adrenaline pumping and heart racing? If your answer is “Yes!” to any or all of the questions above, then we have the perfect recommendation for you. With from EKEN Philippines’s wide array of action and outdoor cameras, you have the perfect accessory to document these adrenaline-charged experiences and boast to your grandchildren in the future on how cool you once were!

How EKEN Philippines Came About

EKEN Group Limited was founded in mainland China in 2005. Since its establishment, it has built a solid name in the electronic and technology industry. EKEN Group Limited is a high-technology company that specializes in providing the latest and most innovative action cameras and car DVRs to its clientele. Over the years, EKEN’s products have expanded across the world and its line of products are trusted by millions worldwide for its quality and functionality. Its high-quality products promise to give customers a lifetime of action-packed memories.

Another reason for the success that EKEN has enjoyed so far is the emphasis on providing exceptional customer service. EKEN believes that providing satisfactory long-term customer service is the basis of the group’s success. Hence, the group has a dedicated customer service team to cater to their customers’ needs to the best that they can. EKEN is also dedicated to create affordable products that will bring more value to the lives of their customers while ensuring that they are in sync with the latest technology.

Live Life to the Fullest with EKEN Philippines

EKEN Philippines provides a wide array of top quality outdoor cameras to their customers. These include:

Action Cameras

An adventurer’s best friend, action cameras are high-performance cameras capable of shooting at high speeds. That means it will not miss out on any of the cool stunts that you perform during your adventures. Not only can they be used to snap photos with extreme clarity, videos are also recorded with high-definition.


EKEN Philippines’s PanoVideo cameras are innovative cameras that enable you to capture the stunning scenery you encounter while traveling. The PanaVideo camera takes a 360-degree view so that the entire scenery can be taken in a single shot. The camera can also be controlled from a distance with a remote controller.

Smart Drone

Some shots are best taken from a bird’s eye view and EKEN Philippines enables you to enjoy nature as seen from atop with their line of smart drones. With a 1km communication range, you will be able to fly the drones to physically unreachable areas and enjoy a view that only you have the luxury to enjoy.

EKEN Philippines – Turning Action and Adventure into Lifetime Mementos

Despite action and outdoor cameras being abundant in the market nowadays, many of them are incomparable to EKEN Philippines in terms of price and performance. EKEN Philippines’s impressive range of products offer superior photo-taking and video-recording capabilities thanks to its built-in functions. For example, EKEN Philippines’s action cameras are equipped with Ultra 4K HD technology to ensure that every moment is recorded with sharpness and vividness.

Moreover, the brand’s products are built for taking photos and videos with high-speed actions, so users can enjoy stunning high-definition video quality even at breakneck speed. As the saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words”, so make sure that your experiences are brought to reality and shared with loved ones with EKEN Philippines’s action cameras.

EKEN Philippines Action and Outdoor Cameras – Your Ideal Outdoor Companion

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will understand that nature has many challenges, for humans as well as the accessories he/she carries. Not all cameras are built for the outdoors. A camera that is specifically built for adventurous escapades needs to be able to withstand obstacles that you might face during your adventures.

EKEN’s action cameras spot a slim design, so they are portable and can be carried almost everywhere. Even if you need to pass through a tight entrance, you can bring EKEN’s action cameras along as they do not take too much space. Furthermore, EKEN Philippines’s action cameras are waterproof, providing additional versatility to the camera as you can now capture photos and record videos even if it is raining. This added function also adds durability to their action cameras, as the cameras can still function as normal immediately, even after they are dropped into a puddle of water.

Where to Get EKEN Cameras Online in Philippines

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