One of the most prominent names when it comes to game development, Electronic Arts creates some of the best games in the industry. Scroll down or click here to read more about Electronic Arts and the games they develop!


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Why Choose Electronic Arts Gaming

When it comes to EA games, some game genres immediately pop in your head at the mere mention of the company. Producers of some of the most prominent games pertaining to sports and driving, they are also well known for their variety of franchises, such as The Sims series and the Dead Space series. With newer and better versions consistently released, bringing new features and models that are always show improvement, much to the delight of EA fans. In fact, many of their franchise games are often instant hits and well received the moment they reach the market.

A common feature in all EA games are their high-definition graphics, something that remains a constant despite EA’s incredibly varied game types. Much to the delight of EA fans, the new EA games will show notable improvements with each release.

Much of EAs reputation comes from their consistency in rehashing their old games but with a twist and turning them into better versions. Adding things in order to give new experiences for their longtime fans, and entice new ones by releasing well marketed games.

Must Have EA Games

With EAs reputation preceding them, it’s no surprise that EA has quite a few games that are must haves for any casual gamer or longtime fan.

Battlefield Series

A series of first-person shooter games, the first of which was released in 2002, this is one of EAs most popular franchises for good reason. Most of all for their multiplayer mode, that enables players from all around the world to interact with each other. Paired with that is the fact that many games in the Battlefield series feature impressively large maps and teamwork encouraged gameplay set in the Battlefield universe.


Part of EA Sports, FIFA is a series of football stimulators on steroids. Released on an annual basis according to the actual FIFA competitions. It is officially licensed by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, or International Federation of Association Football. With permission to use the likeness of real life football players in their games, it gives players the ability to play as the sports figures from leagues from all around the world.

Dead Space

A plotline based series, Dead Space is a survival horror game played in third-person. Set in the fictional 26th-century, Dead Space usually follow the point of view of playable character Isaac Clarke, and each game will expand on the background of the games universe. Not released in chronological order, Dead Space reveals new information with each instalment, and leaves players curious as to what comes next.

The Sims Series

Perhaps one of the most lighthearted of EAs franchises, The Sims is a series of open-ended, life simulation games. It lets you create a Sim with its own individual personalities and appearance, after which you’ll be tasked with the duty of forming relationships for the Sim and performing activities, in order for the character to have a “successful” life. Or just let them run amok and see what happens. A lighthearted game that is surprisingly complex, it’s no wonder as to why The Sims is so popular.