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Tips for Dressing Like a Skater with Element Philippines

Since skateboarding became mainstream, skaters have worn just about every clothing apparel. That said, there are various looks commonly associated with skateboarding culture. Most skaters wear a certain style of footwear, paired with a casual t-shirt and slim pants. Depending on what type of skater you want to be, your style will change. But never forget to try to be original and wear the right apparel that fits you best.

Dress like a skater because you like the style

If you aren’t much of a skater but you like the style, it’s fine to dress like one. Just select the outfits that make you look like a skater without actually being one. Some people might call you a poser for doing such thing but never mind those criticisms. Always be confident when wearing the look and don’t let negativity affect you.

Become a skateboarder

If you want to dress like a skater because you want to be one, it’s best to first practice being a skater. For you to be accepted by other skaters, you need to make sure you know what you are doing. Master the art of skating first, and then figure out the style after.

This is essential because skaters are proud of who they are and do not like people who act like pros. This may sound harsh but it’s the culture behind skating. If you want to blend with this culture, make sure you know the right stuff, be excellent at what you do, then slowly change your look after. If you mesh with this culture right away and perform tricks with other skaters, but you always fall on your face while skating, you may be ridiculed. To avoid embarrassment, it’s best to practice hard and be confident in your ability.

Choose what kind of skater you want to be

There are many kinds of skaters in Philippines, each one comes with a unique style. Nearly all skaters like to wear something comfortable, have a lot of flexibility in their clothing to perform stunts, and look fashionable at the same time. Some skaters wear pants that are tight or loose (you won’t see a lot of skaters that wear regular straight jeans), tennis shoes with flat soles, tight graphic t-shirts, and a snapback. If you want to look like a specific type of skater, make sure you to do some research.

On the other hand, if you want to look like a certain type of skater but just a casual type, then you can mix any style to achieve the look you want. Most casual skaters wear tight jeans, shoes with flat soles in a bright or subtle color, and casual t-shirts. Pair the outfit with a leather jacket and a beanie to achieve a more hipster look.

Select comfortable apparel

It’s important that skaters should be able to perform tricks well. This can be accomplished by wearing non-restrictive apparel that you don’t need to maintain in mint condition. Since you’ll be doing a lot of stunts, expect twisting, fading, and tearing of your apparel. Although skaters wear tight outfits, those apparel still need to enable them to move freely and provide them flexibility. Before doing hard stunts, try not to wear your skater apparel so that you can accomplish those tricks better.

Wear flexible shoes with flat soles that offer decent grip

Skate shoes are important pieces of apparel, as they will allow you to keep you on the board. For the best quality, select skater shoes that are specially designed for skateboarding like those from Element Philippines. If you’re not a skater, you can look like one by ripping your shoes around the toes. Otherwise, the shoes will be ripped in no time. A brand new pair of skater shoes with holes doesn’t look believable. But if you just want to look like a skater without actually being one, then this is acceptable. On the other hand, if you are trying to be a real skater, then let your shoes rip naturally over time. This is because it will show that you’ve practiced hard to get them that way.

Keep it casual

Don’t shell out money on flashy accessories and expensive items when old tees and faded jeans will get the job done. Skaters know how to mix styles together in an effortless manner. That said, go for skate outfits that are casual yet stylish. Make sure you do not always wear skating-brand gear, pair it with casual clothing like Element T-shirts and pants. You can also try wearing a hoodie or snap back on your head. Keep in mind that wearing a lot of skater brand apparel may appear you are trying too hard, which will likely label you as a wannabe.

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