We tend to sometimes take for granted our vision and our eyes. Thankfully, we have eyecare product in Philippines for us to take care of our eyes. Choose from all the best eyewear and accessories for not only optimum physical performance, but also a sense of high fashion with fashion eyewear. Check out all the eyecare products in Philippines right here.


Take care of your eyes with the best eyecare products from Philippines

The eyes are the window into the soul

Yes, it’s true. As precious as they are, you only get two. Everything we rely on depends on what we see. That’s why we need to have the best eyecare to keep these high tech “cameras” working perfectly till we expire. With eyecare products like reading glasses, contact lense solutions, lotions and creams to reduce wrinkles beneath the eyes and many more products, you’ll have the finest eyes in town. The search for the perfect eyewear starts right here. Follow these links to know more on eyecare in Hong Kong:


Nowadays glasses are worn both as a fashion accessory as well as for long-term corrective procedure. Sunglasses still seem to be a hit with both the younger generation and the older due to the plentiful sunlight in Hong Kong. Even so, getting the right frame and style could be the difference between looking good and looking out of place. Let’s look at some aspects to consider when scouting for a pair of glasses.

Style your eyewear to bring out your features

When it comes to style, we first have to know what type of head shape we have. There are 6 different head shapes, that are; Oblong, Heart-shape, Diamond, Round, Square and Oval. To bring out the most prominent styling for each, here are some guides as to what you could look for.

  • Oblong – wider frames with crisp lines to help bring out the softer features of the face
  • Heart – go for frameless or semi-frameless (frame on top half) to direct the attention downwards
  • Oval – more flexibility when choosing a style. You can choose Aviator-style, rectangle or wayfarers frames
  • Round – use glasses that have distinct shapes. A rectangle frame or square would be most recommended to offset the roundness of your face
  • Diamond – curvy glasses that aren’t wider than your cheeks are recommended

These tips apply also to fashion glasses and sunglasses. The wide selection of glasses can be found in the Glasses page. Take your time, browse the different frame types and make your selection. Sometimes some stores will give you a trial of up to 5 pairs of glasses frames till you find the right one.

Contact Lenses

An alternative to glasses are contact lenses. These neat little fellas will bring out your natural beauty. No need for frames or bulky eyewear. Just put them on and you won’t need to worry about messing up your look. Get into roleplay by using different coloured contact lenses. Customize the colour of your pupils to suit your mood or even your activities. Out for a night of partying? Try the green or purple coloured lenses – they’re sure to bring out your eyes. Sometimes buying them in bulk would help you save money. So if you’re thinking about using contacts for long term, you should purchase them in bulk.

Eyecare Accessories

Eyecare goes beyond eyewear. We also have to make sure our overall physique of the eye and area around the eyes are taken care of. Thankfully, there are many types of accessories for eyecare. In particular, when using contact lenses, look for accessories that go along with them. some accessories include contact lens cases and solutions.