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Top Fantech Price List 2021

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Fantech MK871 ₱ 2,399.00 Shopee
Fantech X4S TITAN Gaming Mouse ₱ 682.00 Shopee
Fantech WGC1 Gaming Mouse ₱ 755.37 Lazada
Fantech MK881 ₱ 259.00 Shopee
Fantech WG10 RAIGOR II Gaming Mouse ₱ 259.00 Shopee
Fantech THOR X9 Gaming Mouse ₱ 430.00 Shopee
Fantech VX7 CRYPTO Gaming Mouse ₱ 400.00 Shopee
Fantech K3M ₱ 310.00 Shopee
Fantech Mars HQ50 Gaming Headset ₱ 350.00 Shopee
Fantech HQ52S Tone Plus RGB Gaming Headset ₱ 616.00 Shopee
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Fantech MK871

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Fantech Philippines: More than Just Peripherals

Taking You Beyond Digital Life: A Fantech Motto

Gaming peripherals have come a long way from being just extensions of your gaming experience—from keyboards with backlighting that react to the way you play to headsets that totally immerse you in the gaming world you are currently playing in. Regardless if you are a casual or hardcore gamer—or maybe something in between—getting the real-life extensions of your digital life that are able to bridge to your real life. Naming itself closely in regards to the customers that stay loyal to their products, Fantech specializes in the production and marketing of peripherals and computer accessories—with special focus of gaming. With a large group of people and experts who have substantial knowledge and experience in computer systems, you can be assured that they know exactly what you want and what you need.

Having a large and varied selection of state-of-the-art goods and items coupled with very good customer service, Fantech aims to be in the same race as the giants in the computer and peripherals industry.

Be a Fan of Fantech with These Products

Fantech branches out its product lines into 11 main categories. They are KEYBOARDS, MICE, MOUSEPADS, GAMEPADS, HEADSETS, SPEAKERS, CASES, SPEAKERS, POWER BANKS, USB HUBS, AND PHOTO PAPERS. Each of the categories are riddled with choices of colors, design, specifications, and also performance varieties. Here are the best categories:

Fantech Keyboards

The keyboards in this category are generally produced to cater to the gaming community of consumers. With a varied selection of multimedia keyboards, gaming grade keyboards, and semi-mechanical keyboards, Fantech hits home with all of the said variety in regards to what a gamer need. Furthermore, though these keyboards are focused to the gaming community, casual users can also benefit from them. Take for example the Fantech K9 Semi-Mechanical Floating Keyboard. One of the main features of the K9 is its 8 million long-lasting switch capability of which grants you 8-million-click lifetime to ensure each of the keys stay responsive and quick. Keyboards with backlight (especially with the freedom to customize how the lights behave) are all the fad with modern gamers and the K9 provides just that! Coupled with the floating-keys feature that is perfect for casual and hardcore gamers alike, the K9’s backlight features RGB mixtures and along with the Fantech BlackPoint additional feature—that makes way to anti-ghosting capabilities to 19 keys presses simultaneously—makes it a reasonable monster of a keyboard!

Fantech Gaming Mice

When gamers consider in getting a gaming mouse, there will be a whole list of requirements to be fulfilled. The prominent requirements would revolve around DPI, ergonomics, backlight, additional and customizable buttons, optical tracing engine. In regards to these requirements, Fantech produced and released the Fantech Kahn V1 Gaming Mouse. The Kahn V1 features:

2400DPI with adjustability
Professional high-precision optical tracing engine with precise positioning
6 buttons that include the scroll wheel, left and right buttons, advance, retreat, and the DPI switcher
7 interchangeable bright colors to suit your gaming mood
Ergonomic feel and sleek look

The Kahn V1 is most preferable used by gamers with the Claw grip as the bottom part of the mouse is able to be extended to support the edge of your palm. Along with the 5 million clicks lifetime, The Kahn V1 is designed for high-end, hardcore gamers. Also a new fad for casual and hardcore gamers is nylon braided copper cable, which translates to no more cable entanglements and cable breaking. With the mouse, you are also equipped with a magnet booster for faster and better date transmission. This here is the gaming mouse to have!

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