One of the most popular athletic brands in the market today, FILA is well-known for its line of apparel and accessories, especially their chunky FILA Disruptor shoes. Grab the best deals on FILA products from big stores like Farfetch, Lazada,, and others or find out more about the FILA with these questions:


What You Need to Know About FILA Philippines

Although FILA was founded in 1911, it wasn't until 1970 under the direction of Enrico Frachey, that FILA became a world-renowned brand. Frachey together with Alessandro Galliano, the engineering director, and Pier Luigi Rolando, the designer first needed to understand that sports is actually life expressed through motion, and that sportswear must not overpower but complement the athlete. Today, FILA is a brand that is synonymous with performance and sophistication. Their wide range of incredible collection includes sports apparel, sports and everyday footwear and vintage apparel for men and women. One of FILA's most popular products is their footwear line known for comfort and style. Get to know FILA with these frequently asked questions:

How much are FILA shoes?

Shoes from FILA typically range from P2,500 to as much as P5,000 depending on the type, color, and design. Besides the Disruptor, FILA also has a number of shoe styles to choose from such as slides, sandals, running shoes, and many others. Disruptor 1 and 2, FILA Ray Tracer, and Disruptor Sandals are just some of the many footwear models available from FILA.

How much is a FILA Disruptor?

A Disruptor shoe price can start from P2,700 to as much as P5,000 ranging from different colors such as the iconic white, black, pastel, multi-colored, and a whole lot more. You can get the cheapest Disruptor in the country if you order from Lazada or Shopee. Before you purchase your FILAs online, make sure to compare which store offers the cheapest pair and to check the seller rating.

Where can I buy Disruptor shoes in the Philippines?

FILA has a number of physical stores in the country where you can find not only your favorite white FILA Disruptors but also other accessories and apparel. These shoes are also available online from trusted stores like, Harvey Nichols, Lazada, and Yoox. You can browse on iPrice and find out which store offers the best deal on FILA Disruptors.

How do I know if my FILA shoes are authentic?

FILA, like with many big names in athletic-wear, pay great attention to their finished product. One of the first signs that your FILA footwear is fake is when there are loose threads, uneven stitches, and the logo is misaligned. Another way you could tell a fake FILA footwear is through its soles. If you fold it, it should return to its original shape almost as quickly. Finally, another sign to tell an original from a fake FILA is the packaging that came with it. If you notice that the box is too small for the size, the labels are all wrong or the product didn't come with a box at all, then you would know it's a fake FILA footwear.