Having a hard time deciding whether to let your kids have their own smartphones? Mobile phones from Firefly Mobile not only guarantee to be an efficient communication device with your children but also provide safety. Here is a list of reasons why these smartphones are beneficial for both you and your children.


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7 Reasons Why Parents Should Get a Firefly Mobile Phone for Their Kids

There are some downsides in letting children have their own mobile phone, like an expensive phone bill and too much time spent on mobile games. However, there is also plenty of upsides to it, which parents should ponder before coming up with a decision. Mobile phones from Firefly Mobile Philippines are sure to provide many positive things that will outweigh the negatives of smartphone use of children.

Useful for Emergency Situations

Before the advent of mobile phones, when faced with an emergency on the road, people looked for phone booths or public phones so they could contact their family or friends. Sometimes children would rely on them should they call their parents for help. However, finding one was hard and some public phones would not function properly and accept coins. Now, it’s great to see that parents can call their kids whenever they need to with their cellphones. At the same time, children can contact their parents through mobile phones specially geared for them like the ones from Firefly. Apart from this, Firefly mobile phones also have a built-in feature that lets parents know about their children’s activities and whereabouts. For parents, knowing where their child is and what they are doing gives them a sense of relief. With Firefly Mobile, children’s safety is their number one priority.

Easy Communication

One of the astounding benefits parents get when they let their kids have their own mobile phones is easy communication. Whether children go out with their friends or come late for dinner, all it takes to talk to them is just a push of a button. There’s no more reason for parents to wait and worry as their children let them know that they will be arriving soon. The same goes for parents when they are stuck in traffic or running late to pick their kids up. Giving a quick call to inform that they are coming can ease a child’s anxiety.

Parental Controls

Firefly mobile phones are integrated with parental restrictions that enable parents to control phone numbers, access to the internet, and game downloads. Such feature benefits parents as they can monitor their child’s cellphone use. However, setting up too many restrictions could be invasive for kids. To make sure kids are fine with the restrictions, parents should ask their children first if those are okay for them. Then they need to explain that the parental controls are for their own good. In this way, both parents and children are in good terms with the rules.

Boosts Children’s Confidence and Sense of Responsibility

Another benefit of having children keep a cell phone is that it makes them feel trusted to keep the device, boosting their confidence and sense of responsibility. Mobile phones teach children responsibility in a way that they learn how to manage their minutes when doing calls and the number of text messages sent. They also help kids become more thoughtful of others, letting their parents know what time they will be back and where they are.

A Form of Reward

Firefly mobile phones can be given to children as a reward for their good deeds or as a way for parents to show that they are proud of them. On the other hand, parents can also take these devices away from their kids to instill discipline. For instance, when the child is too preoccupied playing mobile games that he/she no longer cares about hygiene, schoolwork, or chores, parents can restrict him/her in using such device.

Keep Children from Getting Bored

Firefly mobile phones are capable of running fun games and applications that will keep children from getting bored in monotonous settings like waiting for the bus, for a dentist, or for a parent to arrive. They also keep kids entertained when they call their friends or family for hours. However, parents should let their kids realize how much it will cost to talk on the phone for hours.

Traces Children’s Whereabouts

Firefly smartphones have a built-in GPS that will track children’s whereabouts. This is not only beneficial for parents but also for kids. The fact that they are safe and not annoyed with text messages of worried parents makes it favorable to them. Parents who have kids who are acting suspicious or tend to keep secrets of their personal life may find such feature useful to determine the reasons for their behavior. The GPS tracker also gives parents a sense of relief knowing where their kids are and will not fall prey to adults with malicious intent.

All in all, parents are entitled to track the location of their children and monitor their mobile activities. They just need to make sure they are not doing it in an intrusive way.