It’s easy to bat an eye when one goes shopping for lightbulbs. However, there are several things you need to know before buying any of this electric necessity. Read the Firefly Philippines lighting guide here.


Firefly Philippines Lighting Guide

Firefly Philippines is one of the leading manufacturers of electric products in the country. The local company carries over 300 high-quality lighting products with a variety of shapes, cap fitting, and technology. Firefly lights are produced with technology that promotes high energy-efficiency yet sold at very affordable prices.

Purchasing a lightbulb haphazardly can indeed have hazardous results. Applying the wrong kind of bulb can blow out the electrical fuse in your homes and pose a danger to your physical health. Acknowledge yourself with the different bulb features listed below to ease the shopping process for a Firefly lightbulb.


There are four major types of light bulbs you can find in the market today. They all have different lifespans, light color, and power usage.

Incandescent are inexpensive, making them the most commonly used light bulbs. The light cast by incandescent bulbs is warm, psychologically appealing, has an inviting quality, and complimentary to the skin tones. They last from 700 to 1,000 hours and can be used with a dimmer. They may not be as energy-efficient as other types of light bulbs but incandescent bulbs can surely light up every corner of your home.
Halogen has a lifespan of 2 years and exudes instant, crisp, and bright light. Even though they only save 30% of energy, they give the closest imitation of natural daylight. The colors cast by halogen bulbs are sharper and they are able to be dimmed. Still, halogen bulbs burn at a higher temperature. Make sure you wear gloves when changing these bulbs so they don’t warm too quickly and explode.
Compact Fluorescent, or CFL bulbs, uses a quarter of the energy an incandescent bulb does bulbs. They are quiet and provides warm, soft, and diffused light. They do, however, contain more mercury than other types of light bulbs so be sure to recycle them after they’ve expired. A CFL bulb saves 8% of the energy and has a 10-year lifespan. Four energy-saving purposes, use CFL light bulbs where you would normally install an incandescent bulb.
LED stands for light-emitting diode and it uses a technology that makes the bulb long-lasting and energy-efficient. Firefly LED lights provide directional light, making them ideal for smaller areas but not room illumination. They save up to 90% of energy, have a 25-year lifespan, and provide instant, crisp and bright light like the halogen. Firefly offers LED battery lights with replaceable battery feature or a charging function. Some Firefly LED lights are also usable for home decorating purposes.

Lightbulb shapes

Lightbulbs have different shaped depending on the intended use and its practicality. The classic, traditional light bulb typically has a round top and tapers at the bottom. Other bulbs, however, comes in a variety of shapes like spirals, candles, spotlight, tubes, and capsules. The different shapes were created to fit different types of fittings or light fixtures. Take note that not all lights can be used for all purposes. For instance, office and commercial spaces, tube bulbs work the best because it provides powerful lighting while using the least amount of bulbs.

Cap fitting

Paying attention to a bulb’s cap fitting is a must. Choosing bulbs with the wrong type of caps will not always fit in the light fixture of your home. Lightbulbs mostly come in three cap fittings: large and small bayonet, large and small screw, and specialist. Bayonet cap can be found in most bulbs and they deploy a push and twist action. A screw cap, the one invented by Thomas Edison himself, requires you to rotate the bulb until its fixed and secured. Lastly, specialist fittings have a cap on either end and are found in halogen bulbs and floodlights.

Brightness level

The brightness level of a light bulb is measured by lumens while wattage measures the amount of power needed to light one. Normally, a brighter bulb will require a higher wattage but since the introduction of new electrical technologies, you can get the same amount of light while using less energy. Lumens and wattage don’t necessarily correlate but when it comes to determining the most energy-efficient light bulb, the two indicators can always be useful.

Being the most advanced kind in the market, LED lights require the fewest wattage. To get a lumens level of 600 Lm, LED bulbs only need 10 watts while incandescent bulbs need 60, halogen need 42, and CFL needs 15 watts. Nevertheless, LED bulbs don’t go higher or brighter than the 600 Lm. Halogen’s most powerful bulb is the 1100 Lm that needs 20 watts. Incandescent and halogen’s brightest bulb is the 1400 Lm but the former needs 150 to power it while the latter only needs 105 watts.

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