The epitome of comfort and design, Fitflop gives you the best sandals and flipflops available with tons of different designs to choose from. What makes them unique from other shoe brands is the technology behind each footwear design. Every step you take with Fitflop is designed to give your legs an exercise, encouraging blood flow to the muscles, making your legs fit and toned. Read more about Fitflop in Philippines here below to find out.


Popular Fitflop Shoes You Must Get As a True Fitflop Fan

Delivering the best inbiomechanics,Fitflopdevelops powerful, innovative technologies that redefine the footwearmarket. Needless to say,Fitflop shoeshave been regarded as one of the finest footwear.Fromsandals to sneakers,Fitflophas every design that suits every taste and budget.SinceFitflopoffers tons of fashionable footwear design, itcanhard to make up your mind.Here issome of the most popularFitflopshoes you must get as a trueFitflopfan.Once you get to know them, it will be easier to choose the idealFitflopdesign that matches your needs.


WithFitflopSuperskateslip-ons, thesesuperchicshoes make smart dressing simple. Sleek and sophisticated,thegorgeousFitflopSuperskateleathermules are versatile and easy to wear. Ergonomicallyengineered, thispair of slip-onsdeliversworld-class ergonomics. They feature soft leather uppers with tassel embellishment. Their cotton lining and leatherfootbedallow your feet to breath so that your feet can stay dry all day. While they are easy to slip in, their slip-resistant outsole with hard-wearing pods possess excellent grip and traction.FitflopSuperskateslip-ons have been certified with APMA seal of acceptance which shows that the footwear is found to promote good foot health.

ThankstoSupercomFFmidsoles underneath, they offer incredible level of support and comfort. They allowFitflopdesigners to engineer both comfort and cushion into traditionally slim shoe shapes. Since they are biomechanically designed to diffuse areas of high pressure, your entire feet will enjoy the precise depth of comfort.Available in four different colors (deep plum, black, silver, or gold),FitflopSuperskateare wonderful shoes that exude your sophisticated vibes effortlessly.


Designedexclusivelyfor charming beach-loving men,FitflopChi leather sandals are prepared for whatever you chuck at them like a Swiss Army Knife for your feet. They are your stylish beach buddies that are also smart enough to impress your boss on dress-down Friday. Their handsomebutter-soft leather uppers are classy because they express thequintessential uptown essence unpretentiously.

Boasting seamless built-in arch contour, they are elegant footwear that can be worn with any outfit.FitlopChi leather sandals express their rugged look that make any grown men fall in love.They look amazing with jeans, shorts, cargo pants, and chinos. Enhanced with lightweight outsole, they are both hardwearing and non-slip. They utilize originalMicrowobbleboardmidsole for instant and all-day comfort. Developed by leading Britishbiomechanists, they have been proven to reduce underfoot pressure and absorb shock at the same time. As you stroll along your favorite beach,FitflopChi leather sandals are beautiful footwear that merges both style and comfort.


Simple and ultra-modern,FitflopShuvleather clogs represent the shoes of the future.Witha brilliantly minimal full-grain (single piece) leatherupper,Fitflopleather clogs are gorgeous designs that inspire confidence. You will be surprised to findthat the entire footwear displays exceptional craftsmanship, especially on the leather.Asthis pair of clogs has minimal seaming, they are simple and smooth footwear. Aptly named,FlitflopShuvclogs areas suave as they can be.

Crafted with both functional and fun features,FitflopShuvclogs are wonderful footwear you can wear with confidence and comfort. Featuring theMicrowobblebeardmidsoles,FitflopShuvclogs make sure that they stay comfortable in the long run. Their all-leather lining andfootbedhave been designed specifically to be breathable at all times. As one of the most iconic designs fromFitflop,FitflopShuvleather clogs can change your misconceptions about the old, boring leather clog design.


If you are looking for great sneakers with a little extra shine,FitflopF-Sporty sneakers are urbane design that look well-polished.This classic, run-aroundFlitflopF-Sporty lace-ups sport gleaming mirror-toes that immediately drawyourattention. Theseshiny mirror-toes blend well with their well-crafted leather upper. They are flexible andlightweightdesign that delivers superior performance and comfort.

As a simple and ergonomic design, FlitflopF-SportpresentsFitflop'sown unique take on classic sneaker design. Praised by manyFitflopfans,FitflopF-Sporty sneakers deliver another level of newness in the sneaker category.Ifyou want to achieve your casual look effortlessly,FitflopF-Sporty sneakers are the perfect pair that exude chilled vibes. Besides, you can match them with any outfit easily.

With its signatureAnatomicushmidsole technology,FitflopF-Sportycan offer all-day comfort for a long time.FitflopF-Sportysneakers also utilizecotton lining and leatherfootbedin their construction. This makes your feet to breath and stay dry all the time. In terms of performance,FitflopF-Sporty sneakers possesslightweight andflexible cushioned sole with hardwearing rubber pods. Like allFitflopproducts,FitflopF-Sporty sneakers promote good foot health so that you can stay healthy.

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