When it comes to protecting ourselves at work, we often think if what we wear is appropriate for the job. Safety shoes are an important part of our work outfit because it protects us from various hazards at the workplace while providing us with comfort when walking.

What is considered a safety shoe? | What is the OSHA standard for safety shoes? | What are the best safety shoes?


Safety Shoes - All You Need to Know About Foot Protection

What is Considered a Safety Shoe?

Safety shoes, also known as safety boots, are worn to protect against physical hazards and comfort to the wearer while at work. Most safety footwear commonly has built-in steel toe protection to ensure that the toe part of the shoe is strong enough to withstand the weight of anything that might fall onto the foot of the employee.

The protective layer on the shoe is historically made with steel because it's a heavy-duty material that is also lighter than other metals but now, the shoes can also be made with other materials such as aluminum alloy, composite materials, and carbon fiber which means you can get a pair of good quality safety shoes at a cheaper price range.

What is the Use of Safety Shoes?

The purpose of the shoes or boots is to protect the feet of the wearer from falling objects and other physical hazards such as sharp objects on the ground, wet and slippery surfaces, and corrosive chemicals. Safety shoes are mainly used in the workplace and mostly worn by construction workers and kitchen staff. In many countries, the use of safety footwear at certain workplaces is mandatory because it complies with safety laws for workers.

Other types of safety footwear can also provide protection against other hazards at the workplace such as heat-resistant shoes and ESD shoes that help regulate the buildup of electrical charge on a person's body.

How Do I Choose Safety Shoes?

When choosing safety shoes or safety boots, you need to know what the job entails and what the workplace is like so you can get a safety shoe that will provide complete protection. There are different types of safety footwear so you will need to choose one that suits the job. It's also best to choose safety footwear that can provide comfort while you're wearing it. You can choose from different types of shoe styles like boots or low-cut slip-on to suit your personal preference, as long as it's safe.

Overall, you need to inspect every part of the shoe or the boots, from the top to the soles. Also, you need to make sure that the footwear is made with the right material to ensure the best quality. If there is a higher risk of falling objects and sharp objects as you work, choose footwear with steel toe cover or ones made with durable and heavy-duty materials. Another thing is to check the soles of the safety shoe to see if they have anti-slip features.

The weight of the safety shoe is also another feature to look at because while they may offer more durability if they are heavier, it might not be comfortable to be walking and working while wearing a pair of boots that are too heavy.

What is the OSHA Standard for Safety Shoes?

According to the Department of Labor and Employment of the Philippines, under the Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA), workers shall be provided with approved safety shoes and leg protection whenever necessary as determined by the nature of work. It's important to know that failing to comply with OSHA regulations invites warnings, sanctions, and fines to the employee and employer.

What are the Best Safety Shoes?

There is a wide range of brands of safety shoes and safety boots available for sale in the Philippines. Some of the best-selling safety footwear for offer on the Price PH website are from Caterpillar and Delta Plus.