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Perhaps one of the most sought after clothing brand in the Philippines, Forever 21 gives you the best Korean-fashion-inspired dresses online! Check out the brand’s wide selection of clothing options from different types of dresses including maxi, midi, halter, cocktail dresses and so much more! Click here to know more about Forever 21 Philippines.

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Stay Fashion Forward with Forever 21 Dresses online

Forever 21 Philippines is one of the largest, most popular clothing brand with dozens of stores in many major malls in the country. The brand was founded by Do “Don” Won Chang, and wife Jin Suk Chang, after they migrated from Korea to the United States in 1984. The couple initially sold clothing with major influences in Korean fashion, targeting the local Korean community. During their first year of operation, Forever 21 sold $700,000 worth of clothing, and by 2013, they sold more than $3.7 billion. While the brand today is known as Forever 21, the clothing line’s original Los Angeles store still bears the original name “Fashion 21”.

Reasons to love Forever 21

There’s no great way to define Korean fashion than Forever 21 Philippines. With the advent of KPOP music in the country, there’s no telling how many men and women are looking for the latest dresses of the season. Aside from its trendy clothes, here are some reasons to love Forever 21 Philippines:

  • Compared to other brands, Forever 21 Philippines is more affordable. Have you ever looked a price tag in other brands like Mango, Regatta, or Loalde? Compared to these clothing lines, F21 gives you more value for your money without feeling guilty about spending.
  • Another reason why people love shopping for Forever 21 dresses is that the clothes actually fit. In addition, most of the clothes from the brand are comfortable and stretchable.
  • Forever 21 Philippines caters to almost all styles from streetwear, edgy, and casual, to cocktail, and business. You can easily find the clothes that suit your liking and personality. In addition, you can be up to date with the latest fashion trends this season!

Forever 21 Dresses that every woman must have

Dresses are among the most popular clothing options from Forever 21 Philippines. It’s cute, feminine, and stylish, if you know the right one to wear for the occasion. Here are Forever 21 dresses that every girl must have in their closet.

A Forever 21 Casual Maxi Dress
Whether you’re going out shopping or meeting up with your friends during the day, a casual Forever 21 maxi dress would definitely look amazing.
A Forever 21 Slip Dress
If you want to have that effortless, yet sexy look, then a sexy slip dress would definitely suit you. You can pair it off with an oversized men’s sweater or casually strap on some sandals.
A Forever 21 Flared Dress
If you want to look classy with a little bit of an edge, you can rock this Forever 21 flared dress with a pair of pumps for the evening or ballet flats during the day.
A Forever 21 Sheath Dress
To achieve the perfect business attire, this Forever 21 Sheath dress would totally rock with a pair of classic pumps. The best thing about it is that you can easily transition from day to night by simply changing your shoes and accessories!
A Forever 21 Lace Dress
Want to look a million dollars? Let this fabulous Forever 21 Lace dress take care of your look. Go big or go home with this look by sporting firey red lips, and statement earrings for the glam.
A Forever 21 Party Dress
If you’re the type to party every Wednesday night, then you should have this Forever 21 party dress in your closet. To make you extra festive, choose one with either feathers, jewels, or transparent panels.

Forever 21 and the stars

While the brand is considered to be affordable, a lot of Hollywood actresses, fashion icons, and pop stars are into the Forever 21 vibe. Female rapper Nicki Minaj, actress Cameron Diaz, singer and pop star Selena Gomez, and socialite Lindsay Lohan is a regular Forever 21 shopper. Once you shop on the same store as these celebrities, you know you are trusting the right brand - Forever 21.