Robin Sharma reminds us that “time management is life management.” We couldn’t agree more. Timing is essential and what better way is there than to keep track of time and keep your style in check? Ace both with Fossil’s watches for him and for her. This American brand has made its way on the wrists and the hearts of many time keepers all over the world. Chic designs, high quality materials and durability are three reasons we can’t get enough of Fossil. Guys and girls, it’s time to ditch those cheap watches and opt for something that looks good and makes an impact. Take your time to browse throw our selection below, as Maya Angelou said, “All great achievements require time.”


Dusting the covers of the Fossil Philippines history book

Dating back to 1984, Fossil was founded by brothers, Tom and Kosta Kartsotis. The image Fossil portrayed to the public was one of vintage Americana that took well to style-savvy watch users all over the world. The brand’s concept of making ‘cool’ accessible to all boded well with its creative spirit. All of these factors come together nicely with the brand’s tagline, “Long Live Vintage.” Fossil utilized Quartz movements from the Orient to create pocket worthy price points and stylish designs that could be incorporated into different outfits.

Fossil is home to a line of watches which include RELIC®, MW®, MW MICHELE®, MOBILEWEAR™ and ZODIAC®. After years of focusing solely on watches, Fossil expanded its core business in the early 1990s to include accessories such as handbag, belts, sunglasses, sun wear, apparel, footwear and small leather goods under the FOSSIL and RELIC brands. The brand even produces jewellery under brands like DIESEL, EMPORIO ARMANI AND FOSSIL.

One to constantly push the boundaries of value and style in the watch category, Fossil has been recognized for its avant-garde approach in making watches a ‘must-have for the wrist’. Over the years since it was established, the brand has transformed the concept of timekeeping from its solely functional origin. Prestigious, chic and wrist-candy worthy, Fossil helps you keep your style on point all the time.

11 Fossil Philippines highlights you don’t want to miss

1. Fossil owns or licenses proprietary technology including the BIG TIC tech from 1998.
2. In 2000, the brand introduced FOSSIL Jeans catered to its younger consumers.
3. The brand entered the electronics channel in 2002 with its technology brand ABACUS.
4. Fossil has a patent-pending combination automatic/quartz movement named TWIST.
5. The brand has its own in house design team that obtains inspiration from lifestyle and fashion trends all over the world.
6. 2006 marked 17 years since the brand made waves in packaging design with its signature watch tins.
7. In June 2006, the brand announced Tinspiration – a Fossil design content for designers in the United States to come up with artwork for the brand’s packaging.
8. Fossil can be found in over 90 countries all over the world through department stores and speciality retail stores.
9. The company was originally called Overseas Products International and changed its name to Fossil, Inc. in 1987.
10. Fossil sells watches under several high-end names in the watch game which include Zodiac, Skagen, Abacus and Michelle Watch.
11. The brand began development on ‘Wrist PDA’s’ (more commonly recognized today as smartwatches) back in 1999.

Popular even among Hollywood stars

The vintage vibes synonymous with Fossil is evident in the brand’s following from stylish folk all over world. These folks include some of Hollywood’s rising talents. Some of the stars who have been spotted with a FOSSIL piece include actors Theo James, Karl Urban, Asa Butterfield, Daniel Gillies, Kristopher Turner and Salvatore Antonio among others. Actresses Kristen Bell, Evangeline Lily and Blake Lively join in with their own FOSSIL favourites to boot.

Musician Heather Schultz, model Eleanor Calder, and even Selena Gomez have been seen wearing FOSSIL. This is a testament to the brand’s ability to mix in seamlessly and cater to different lifestyles and daily routines. That, and the fact that the watches do it with effortless style at any given moment.

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