Biking is one of the most fun outdoor sports activities that provide good health benefits. On Foxter Philippines, you can purchase good quality bikes at an affordable price. Read more about Foxter PH!


Top Products from Foxter Bike PH

Foxter Princeton 2.2

Princeton 2.2 mountain bike from Foxter comes with the Shimano Non-Series 8 Speed shifter and the Shimano Non-Series mechanical Disc brakes. As for the tires, the bike supports the Kenda 27.5-inch x 1.95-inch tires. The new 2020 model of Foxter’s Princeton 2.2 gears up by a medium-sized internal cable Alloy frame, Alloy brake lever, and Alloy power wheel 2x sealed bearing bottom bracket crank. The bike also comes with a coil fork lockout, which when engaged, the lockout will decrease the low-speed compression rate of the bike.

Foxter Lincoln 4.2

Another top bike from the brand is the Lincoln 4.2. A 27.5 Alloy 6061 inner cabling frame sets up the frame of this bicycle. The fork suspension of the bike is equipped with lockout features. Lincoln 4.2 is also equipped with the Shimano non-series 2x8 speed, allowing the mountain bike to shift gear on-the-go when riding across technical terrain. Other components of this bike also come from Shimano, namely Shimano MT200 Hydraulic brake, Shimano Altus front derailleur, and Shimano Tourney rear derailleur. Moreover, the bike supports Kenda 27.5-inch x 1.95-inch tires, 8 speed cogs gears, The Lincoln 4.2 is an improved version of its predecessor, Lincoln 4.0.

Foxter Trivor

The Foxter Trivor model is geared up with Trivor 2020 model Alloy QR glossy and non-tapered frame. The bike’s manual lock-out 100mm fork is also made from Foxter. This mountain bike’s gears also come from Shimano including, Shimano MT200 non-series brake, Shimano shifter, and Shimano 160mm rotor. The bike runs with 27.5-inch x 2.25-inch tires with the support of 31.6mm seat post and Velo saddle. This bike is perfect for you if you are still a beginner in mountain biking sports.

How much are Foxter bikes in the Philippines?

Below is a price list table comprising Foxter bikes PH price as of August 2020:




Foxter 2020 Model: Mtb 27.5 302

₱ 8,800.00


Foxter Bicycle Mtb

₱ 9,000.00


Foxter Mtb 27.5 Trivor 1X8Speed

₱ 13,500.00


Foxter Mtb 27.5 Lincoln 4.2

₱ 13,800.00


Foxter Mtb 29R Elbrus 7.2 Deore 10Speed

₱ 22,800.00


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